Halloween Costume Competition


Electroneum Wonder Woman


WOW - love the colors, looks great. Thank You for sharing



I hope that “WOW” is dedicated to my photo …LOL :stuck_out_tongue:


It was @Thunderstruck !



@MSystem You know that a woman has to ask :slight_smile: Thanks


ETN will be the best one in the cryptoworld and blockchain technologies !





T-800 Looks Great !

Thank you for all your support to the community, especially during the days when many gave up. This was one of my favorites.

Great to have you aboard, stay the course.


It’s great to be a part of it! I’m glad you liked my T800 ( I’m a big fan of T2 movie :wink: )
I also want to thank you for this wonderful piece - so well done! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bEq4hgm-fw&t=15s


Happy Halloween to All Electroneum Community :kissing_heart:





Nice and bright pictures :slight_smile:


Costume… LOL. #TeamHODL. ETN to the MOON!


Me and my younger brother worked really hard with our limited resources.
Hope we all travel to moon with the ETN Rocket!

ETN MoOning soon


Now that is what I call the ETN Rocket-ship - to the moon! Thank you for your hard work - Looks Great

Keep them coming


Thank you so much, It means alot coming from you.
You are the most Creative person out there in the community.