Halloween Costume Competition


I haven’t been contacted yet.


Check email everyone! (they contacted us)
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Did anyone get a reward? I’m still waiting


Did you win?
The winners were contacted via email.


My friend won, he was contacted, but not reward yet.


So was I. The email said with in 48hrs.
We still have few hours left.


Thanks i just used at my twitter you are aewsome nice picture. Wow, Our community is really great, :slight_smile:


Hopefully today we will see the reward.


Still no reward? Anybody here?


All winners need to respond so the awards can be sent out. Please check your spam folders and respond.
Thank you and congratulations! :grin:


I respond, but still nothing new in my wallet :frowning:


You’d think it’d come within a week of Halloween lol


Just let me know when do we recieve the prize?


Hopefully it will happen before the price goes up.


Still no reward? any update guys?


ETN prize received and greatly appreciated…Thanks.


thank you so much electroneum, i already recieved the prize … godbless


Can’t wait for the next competition! :grin: