Halloween Costume Competition


Thank you for choosing me. :grin:


Congratulations to all the winners !!!

Hodl that etn well :grin:


Been hodling my old ones ever since and will for years to come .


Thank you, that was fun!


Looks like Instant boy did some serious crime solving to win :smiley:


congrats to all! some creative designs.


Thank you so much for choosing my son costume…
Happy Halloween Electroneum Community!


Thank you and congrats to all the winners.
The last time i won anything was back in 1980 at the school disco where i won a box of milk tray chocolates.


Well I also congratulate the winners ofcourse :slight_smile:

Buuut. I’m disappointed that some simple photoshop pictures and even some video that was just clicked together in 2 minutes via jibjab won (https://www.jibjab.com/view/template/i_want_candy). Its not even original content.


That jibjab video was one thing I didnt think should have according to the rules but photoshoping surely does go with the rules as they asked for creativity.
I am sorry that you didnt win. Hopefully next time you will win for sure.


Its fine. I didnt want to make it sound like I’m in general against artistic submissions done with photoshop. Infact I’m a photoshop enthusiast as well :).


I submitted that Halloween video and am extremely happy to win a prize I am a massive fan of electroneum and have got many people involved in the project
I think you should be happy for everyone that won
It was a bit of fun and i was trying to think of something no one else had done and I also thought it would be nice to involve some of the team in my entry
And I am glad they enjoyed it because that is what it was about having some fun
I look forward to taking part in the next competition
And I will show you how creative I can be :hugs:


Exactly. That’s a costume competition … Not a meme or Photoshop competition, there’s not even 20 real costume submitted and I do not win with something I’ve bought just for the competition :joy:


I like your costume xD… Would be a funny match with my cardboard rocket x) But yeah I agree with your critique, but I’m genuinely am happy for all the participants nontheless and am grateful for that competition. Just maybe next time have more clear rules.


Exact i am super happy for everyone but THEY DO NOT DESERVE MY ETN mouahahahahha


Congrats to all the winners!! Happy to see good ole ETN homemade rocket get on the scoreboard… awesome!!!


This were the rules.
Clearly mentions decorations and graphics are allowed.


Thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looook is a good Idea


Hey, just wondering did anyone get contacted ?