Halloween Costume Competition


Our version of Ace Ventura and laces out


Congratulations to the Electroneum team on their progress on creating a successful project.


Late entry ,

Ye olde crypto-mine

With a zombie miner …

Happy Halloween everyone


Some serious players here I see. Thank you for sharing Chris.




Hope this is in the right place? heres my halloween contribution.


Love From India :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


just be proud!!
electroneum is the future!!
keep up the good stuff (proud of our whole etn team) (and richard ellis)


Well this is my entry on behalf of Free ETN Central! With my lovely son, he just looks like that anyway so no difference today for him lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you ever seen an ETN wizard :joy: I bet you haven’t. If you behave nice I just might whip my elder wand and make some ETN.


A fire ninja💥… Nah. Electroneum skeleton that is literally on fire! Can you beat this?


I was at Electroneum HQ today. Seems like Richard bought a new car.


xD Lightning mass adoption affects literally everyone


To The Moon


Darkness cannot drive out darkness…Only Electroneum can do that!



Something Special for the neighborhood. :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:

If the kid is smart and takes the paper over candy in 5 years they will be pleasantly surprised as I loaded the wallets with ETN. Happy Halloween Ladies and Gents.

Happy Halloween



Writing history :open_mouth: