Halloween Costume Competition


Hallowe’en is coming… A time of year when people get creative and dress up…

And we know how creative the ETN community is. (Don’t be modest, we’ve seen what you guys can do!)
So we’ve got a challenge for you.

We want to see your most creative ETN Halloween costumes. You either can ETN-up a traditional one (like turning The Hulk ETN blue). Or you can make something completely new… (Go on, surprise us! This is what we really like…)

On November 1st, we’ll choose the 20 best costumes which will each receive $50 worth of ETN. We’re not looking for anything specific, just something that wows the ETN Marketing Team.

And when we see something that does, we’ll post it across our social media channels.

You have till 31st October to design and make your costume. When it’s ready, just post here:
What are you waiting for? Get creating! Hallowe’en is coming…

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!
Happy Halloween
My banner for Electroneum


Do we post our picture here?


I’m already wearing mine lol.


Yes please! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


20181031_091153 20181031_091624


I know it is not exactly a Halloween costume, but it is proudly displayed on my home with the Halloween decorations. If this qualifies, and I win a prize I will donate it back to the community. :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:



Sorry, my phone is old. Cant take high quality photo. To the moon.


That’s just awesome, great decoration! :heart:


ETN blue man costume walking on the moon.


ETNIT :clown_face:


This sounds like so much fun! And 20 prices is very generous.


Proudly displaying ETN’s colors alongside the U.S. of A.'s! Love it!!




I wanted to up my chances of winning from 0% by at least submitting a pic. What if…I win?


Hi, from Japan!
Here is hallowe’en costume!



Good luck everyone! :zombie:


all of the time i have not any chance but at now i want to test my chanse again.

cause of collor of electroneum that is blue .
me and my girl friend became blue :smile::smile::smile:


This is great :slight_smile: my first post and a reason to sign up to the forum!

I’m just about to head out to a Halloween party and have special effects makeup on! :slight_smile:


Please mods, take a look if you can, to take a look to some facebook pages that are using this and many other threads to fishing people. Bye


I’d like to repost this on my Instagram. That cool with you?