Hackers before computers became mainstream

Does anyone wish to know…
How I realized I was one of the worlds first hackers before computers became mainstream?

You should know this was regarded as highly illegal, but I’ll let you know the secret, I’ve not shared this information for over 35 years.

So, back in 1985 being 15 years old I often thought about the benefits of being older, id be having a beer and smoke with my mates down at the pub, or id move out of my dysfunctional family home, id have freedom of choice you know that type of thing, I was going through the puberty blues. Despite all of that I was still sneaking out and getting on the large with my mates and being an idiot. Nowdays that theory has reversed itself and I wish I could go back in time and take another shot with what I know now, for goodness sake, I’d be sitting inside the ETN board room right now.< (No joke)
One night while out with my brother Michael and we were half cut on a few beers with no way to get home so we visited to local telephone box to make a call.
These old phones boxes had a main set with an arm which held the handle and if you lifted the hand set the arm would pop up and you could hear a dial tone. I realised after being told about tapping that you could skillfully use a method in which you could call your phone number and it would hook you up without having to pay a cent for the call. So say for example my ph number was 528735 I would tap 5 times then tap 8 then 2,3,7and 5 with a split second gap to separate the numbers.
As you can see the tapped number was just a division of 10 for each digit. I would then, listen to hear if the dial tone had changed to a call tone and the call had been connected. It worked, sometimes you would get the wrong number but more often than not it would get you through. I believe over that few years I would have saved at least $5 in phone calls lol.
This was an attempt to show.

  1. That five dollars in 1985 would be the value of $50 today. Approximately 3000 ETN.

  2. Telephones were then and still are computers today.

  3. I was an absolute clown back then and still are. But I’m the smart one.

  4. This information should raise the probability that ETN will shortly moon and hackerone will offer me a senior role in security.

  5. Back in 1985 beer had less preservatives and cigarettes were cheap, I quit smokes15 years later.

  6. Telephone boxes were often used as urinals pmsl (not by me!) but sadly true.

  7. Tapping an old phone box was just old school coding and data transfer.

  8. Its critical to get home before curfew when your 15, make sure you act sober and try to mask the smell of cigarettes.

  9. Always live for today and build on your dreams and goals for the future. Inclusion and engagement

  10. Most importantly tap out, promote Electroneum and hodl your coins.


A very amusing adventure, thankyou .
It brings back the old memories.