[Guide] Seo for Anytask

The purpose of this guide is to help you…the seller on Anytask…get more free traffic from Google and I don’t mean any kind of traffic… we will focus on the traffic that sells your task.

I will try to make this guide as noob friendly as possible.

No money will be required!

Note: When implementing this guide is better to use a PC

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization , which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your web page(anytask page) through organic search engine results(Google)

How do we do that?

We will optimize our task page for specific keyword/keywords that are easy to rank in Google

Keywords are any search term entered or spoken(voice search) on Google

People are searching for a solution on the WWW and if you give people what they want you will be successful

What we are looking for?

Before going into keyword research you need to understand that keywords are defined by some characteristics such as volume and difficulty.

volume= refers to the number of searches for a particular keyword in a given timeframe… usually a month

difficulty= how hard it is to rank a specific keyword on the first page of Google.

Estimating the difficulty of a keyword its hard work but later in the guide, I will provide a shortcut method to do that.

The most crucial aspect of keyword research for you as a seller is that you need to recognize the difference between buyer vs non-buyer keywords. You are trying to rank for a keyword that will sell your task.

Remember that a webpage that targets buyer keywords and gets 100 visitors per month will make much more money than a webpage that gets 1000 visitors per month but targets non-buyer keywords.

What are Buyer keywords?

Simply put these are keywords that have commercial intent, anybody who types these keywords is looking to buy something.

Non-buyer keywords are those with no commercial intent. Anybody typing these keywords might be looking for information or entertainment but is not interesting to buy something now.

Example: We will take “logo” and “buy logo” as our main keywords since logo making is a popular category on anytask and look on some keywords from Google Autosuggest (This result is different by country).
You will use your service-product name.

logo design

logo maker

best logo

free logo maker

Wix logo maker

free logo design

cool logos

cheap logo

buy logo

how to do a logo

From the start, we can see that people who are looking for a free logo or want to learn to make a logo will not buy your product so:

how to do a logo

free logo design

free logo maker

are all non-buyer keywords.

The person who is looking for the best logo might buy it and if he uses the words: cheap or buy , then is interested to buy for sure.

As you can see it is all about the buyer intent so:

best logo

cheap logo

buy logo

are all buyer intent keywords

What about cool logo ?

You may be thinking that people who are searching for this term might have some intention to buy and you are right but 90%of them just wanna see some cool logos to inspire from, so this is a non-buyer keyword.

If you cant figure if a specific keyword has buyer intent or not, just avoid it.

The same principle applies to any kind of keywords.

I will not dive more into this because this guide will have 10000 words and nobody will ever read it.

Step 1: Figuring up some keyword you could rank for

Note: Because Anytask it’s a new platform ranking higher volume keywords will be impossible at this stage so we will stick with under 200 searches/month keywords and easy difficulty.

Keep in mind that the higher the volume the higher is the difficulty and the higher is the time to rank in Google.

Best place to find new keywords to rank for is Google

Note: You will need a google account. Most of the people already have one so I will not explain this. If you don’t have one just create it.

Type in Google:“google AdWords planner”

Click on Google Keyword Planner

If you see something like this you click the “Go to keyword Planner”

or like this depending on the country

Don’t despair if you see something else.

You’re asked to set up an AdWords campaign.

Google is so aggressive with this that it can look like there’s no way to access the tool without first handing over some cash. Well, I have good news:

You can access the tool without running an AdWords ad. You just have to jump through a few hoops.

When you see the “What’s your main advertising goal” screen, don’t choose any of the three options. Hit the small “Experienced with Google Ads?” link below instead.

If you cant see this link resize your window

On the next screen hit “Create an account without a campaign”

On the confirm your business information screen you should click submit. Google will not ask for payment here.

Now click “explore your account” .

Next, click the “Tools” link on the menu bar and hit “Switch to expert mode."


When you click “Tools” again on the menu bar you should see the Keyword Planner link.

Note: Depending on the country you are living on you might need to take different steps than the ones above but the goal should remain the same: Getting access to Keyword Planner without spending any money.

Once you get access to Keyword Planner you should see something like this:

Click on “Discover new keywords” set your language to English and country to the United States.

If the curiosity is killing your cat, type your main keyword"logo" and click “Get Results”.

You will see a huge list of keywords specific to your niche.

The better way of doing it is to use a buyer intent word +your keyword “best logo” and then click “Get Results”.

Note: Here is a list of words that a buyer keyword usually contains. Use this and your common sense and you will find the keywords that are specific to your niche:

  • buy [product/service name]
  • get [product/service name]
  • where to buy [product/service name]
  • [product/service name] suppliers
  • [product/service name] deal
  • best [product/service name]
  • buy [product/service name] online
  • cheap [product/service name]
  • I want a [product/service name]
  • [product/service name] [specific variant] i.e: dentist for kids,logo for real estate.
  • where can I buy [product/service name]
  • [product/service name] for sale
  • [product/service name] to buy
  • [product/service name] companies
  • Best + [product/service name] + [ in year ]

Let us continue: We will search for “best logo” and click Get Results

Click on Average Monthly Searches to see the ones in the 10-100, range first.

Now you start selecting the keyword you want. Copy-pasting them into a notepad file, export them… whatever.

Il chose these as an example:

best logo gaming

best company logos

logo best seller

best quality logo

best medical logos

best dj logo design

best airline logos

Note : As you can see Google is not showing the exact volume of the keywords but we will find the exact volume later.

Once we find all the keywords that we want we go deeper and do another search for every one of them.

We are searching for the first one

best logo gaming

You pick all the keywords that interest you. Then move to the next one “best company logos” and so on.

For “best logo gaming” I chose

best logo for gamers

best logo for squad

best gaming logo without text

best logo for youtube gaming channel

best gaming logo without text

Then move to the next one " best company logos " and pick all the keyword you desire and so on till you end up with a lot of keywords.

Now that we have our keywords we should find out the ones we can rank on the first page of Google.

Estimating the difficulty of a keyword .

We will use a shortcut for this that works 95% of the time.

Go to Google and search:

allintitle:your keyword

Allintitle is an advanced Google search operator that outputs the results which have all the words in the meta title of the post.

Note: When you find a keyword that has under 150 allintitle results and under 200 monthly volume you can usually rank it on the first page of Google with little to no effort.

If you can find a keyword that has under 10 allintitle results then you can easily rank on the top 3 of the first page of Google.

The lower the allintitle results the higher is the probability that we rank first.

So we search for allintitle:best logo for gamers

and we find out that currently are 108 results


Note: After a while of doing this Google Captcha will appear. Just solve it and move on
Move to the next keyword

allintitle:best logo for squad

and we see that are currently 65 results.

Move to the next keyword

allintitle:best gaming logo without text

and we see 6 results


This is a great keyword,you can rank for this keyword and take first place in Google.

Finding out the actual volume…kinda

Once you find all the keywords that are under 150 alltintitle results go to

Note: You can use only this tool to do keyword research but I prefer The Google Keyword Planner since it returns more results.

Log in with your Google account and select English/United States then select Keyword Ideas from the left type your keyword and click the Search Icon

“best gaming logo without text” has 10 monthly searches.

Note: If you think this number is low then you should know that this number is misleading. Google is making it hard for people to know the actual number of searches per month.

Also, we selected the USA as our country so the Global monthly volume its always higher.

If you look on the Ubersuggest you will wind a bunch of keywords related to “best gaming logo without text” that are showing 0 volume search. The simple fact that they are showing should tell you that someone is searching for them. If you are to rank for this keyword you will also rank for the closely related keywords with 0 search volume

Save all of the buyer intent keywords related to “best gaming logo without text” that are showing 0 volume search because you will need them later.

Try to understand that once you are ranking for “best gaming logo without text” in Google you will also rank for all variations of this keyword that people are searching for. You can get 100 clicks or more per month from a 0 volume keyword. Nobody can tell you the exact number but usually when you see a lot of 0 volume keywords closely related to your keyword what means that your keyword will receive way more traffic.

Note : If you find keywords that are 200-300 volume and allintitle results are under 50 you can try to rank for them but its gonna take 1-2 months before you reach the first page.

Step 2 Optimizing our Anytask page to rank for a specific keyword

Our keyword that we are trying to rank is “best gaming logo without text”

Head over to anytask.com and click create task

Title Section

You are going to use your keyword in the title section but with a twist.

Because this title is going to appear in search engine results we want to determine people to click on it.

We can use call to action like: click here, find out more,buy, download, search, listen, watch, learn, access, get etc.

Click Here to find the best gaming logo without text !

Fast Delivery:best gaming logo without text !

We can use questions:

Are you searching for the best gaming logo without text ? Then you came to the right place.

We can use dates

Best gaming logo without text in 2020

In essence, you want a title that people will want to click on it.

Description Section

Here you should write at least 250 words. I know that this might seem much but Google loves longer content.

If you can pull 300 words you will be fine. You will describe your task and you can use one of the 0 search volume keywords related to ours that I told you to save from Ubersuggest or not. Whatever you chose try not to use your keyword in here, we don’t want to overoptimize our content. Google doesn’t like this.

For example, you can use a variation of our main keyword with 0 volume in our text “best gaming logo without text png” but just only once. If you want to optimize your content for the 0 volume keywords you can use words like: graphics, art, photoshop,HD,.

Words that you extract from the 0 volume keywords( Ubersuggest) that make sense for your task.

Note: It is important to know that the content you have here needs to be original. You will not rank if is it’s not.

You also want to make the content engaging so that more people read this content.

Google monitors time on page and uses this as a ranking factor.
Note: The other sections on this page should contain as many words as you can create, without using keywords.
We will jump to photos and videos

Anytask is using landscape format and you should try to.

If you are using photos from Google try to make at least the first one unique.

Head over to https://www.canva.com/ and create a imagine or modified the one you downloaded from Google to make it unique.

I will not explain how to use Canva. You can find tutorials online… it is very easy to use.

Took me 1 min to came whits this one:
gaming logo without text

Remember to download your picture as jpg

Once you have your picture head over to https://imagecompressor.com/ and upload your picture.

Try to do jog with the quality till you have a decent looking image that is the smallest in size possible.

Hit apply and after that download your picture.

I resized my imagine from 32 kb to 15 kb and I did that because I want my page to load faster in Google. Faster pages rank higher.

Next: change the name of the image with your keyword or a variation of your keyword that contains the whole keyword. The ones i told you to save from Ubersuggest. If you have a video change the name accordingly, no DCM32344211.jpg here

After that our image name should look like this
Screen Shot 08-20-20 at 05.26 PM 001

best gaming logo without text.jpg

you can use this modifier if you like:"-"




I hope you get it.

If you upload more than one image, change the names to be related to your topic


Red logo without text.jpg

but don’t use your keyword or keywords variations in other imagines titles.

Task URL

This is an important ranking signal for Google and should contain your keyword.

Best gaming logo without text

Use this : Tick this box to edit the URL for your Task

If you want you can use variations of your keyword here but remember not to use dates because this URL shouldn’t be changed.

Preview your task and we are done…kinda.

Step 3

Indexing your page in Google

This step is not mandatory because sooner or later Google will index our page …but why leave it to chance.

Head over to http://www.linkcentaur.com/ and make an account there and log in.

Click Campaigns and add a Campaign chose a random name and click Save Campaign

You should see this screen

Copy the URL of your anytask page here and click Add Links.

That’s it.

You can come later to see if your page was indexed.

This service is free for max 20 links a day. More than enough for our needs.

How to get the max from this guide

You can make a logo, but so another 100000 people on this planet.

When you switch from making logo to let’s say: cheap logo for Uk. You are more specific and your chances of getting a sale are higher

You can make a WordPress site, but so another 100000 people on this planet. When you switch to: “WordPress site build for flower shops” you will improve a lot in the eyes of Google and buyers.

Your audience will think:This guy is making sites for flower shops.
He must know what he is doing.
So you move from no sales to sales.

The idea is that you need to stand up in wonder to make money online.

That’s why some people are making tons of money online and others are trying for years to make just one dollar.

What I suggest is after you have around 100 keywords that you can rank for, start creating one page a day on Anytask for every keyword and keep that tempo.

This should take around 1 hour of your time per page.

I know this is time-consuming but you only need to do this once.

The magic starts to happen after a few weeks when your keywords rank in Google and you start receiving targeted traffic for every page.

1-2 vizitor per page…1-2 vizitor per page…1-2 vizitor per page… they add up.

For targeting buyer keywords like the ones we are using the buy rate usually is around 5%. Can be more or can be less. So for 100 visitors from the big G, you should sell 5 tasks.

There is no success without volume. You need a lot of hits to sell your tasks.

It relies solely on you if you can transform those buyers into regular buyers.

Be using this guide you will help yourself, Anytask and Electroneum to succeed.

Its a win for everybody.


Wow @s7ryker, thanks for sharing all of that! :+1:

No doubt people will reap the rewards if they follow your steps.


holy moly !!!

I’ll link this everywhere I can today … what a guide :clap: thankyou @s7ryker this is fantastic.


tweeted , reddit and telegram


What a write up, some genuis content there :hugs:


Let’s agree to disagree.
For the level of competition that I suggested you can rank your task in Google.

Keyword:cute japanese things to draw
allintitle results: 52

Global volume searches 40

Over 200 cluster keywords with 0 volume that you can rank for.

Anytask page…that unicorn you said you cant rank in Google its on page 4 for this keyword. No disrespect here.

The on-page optimization is 0 but still ranked on page 4

About text optimization:you are right I’ve could have said more, but for this level, it is enough
About creating 100 tasks selling the same thing.
There are already 100000 other people online selling the same thing and it’s not a problem.
You can keep your main page selling logos and create 100 different pages where you can sell Japanese logo, UK garden logo, scary logo for cs…whatever.
These pages will move people from WWW to anytask.com and its a win for everybody.
I don’t think that anytask will run out of SSD space soon.
You should know that Google is treating Freelancers and E-commerce sites different that Blog type ones

It seems to me that Fiverr its ranking some keywords also…about 276 k organic ones. I don’t want to talk about the traffic cost :slight_smile:

Anytask is just starting.
We are ranking for more than 900 unicorns. A long way to go to get at least 10% of Fiverr traffic

My conclusion is that you can rank your anytask page in Google

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I understand why you don’t get it.
If you can tell me what is the most important factor in SEO then you will understand why Anytask will rank like crazy.
Tools are all misleading. Google is hiding a lot of keywords.

Anytask its new and Google will take some time with it.

Speaking of hiding keywords that google doesn’t want us to know about.

get premium internet marketing
This is one of those keywords that Google hides the search volume.
How do I know that?
Call it experience

This is a highly competiton term with buy intent.
Take a look at the sites that pay Google to compete for this keyword.

Anytask is on the first page as you can see.
My estimated volume range is 100-300 for this keyword

This is from one of my sites.
I am in a tough niche.
Luxury items.
the keyword has 0 volume but my estimation was over 200
Not going to provide the keyword because I’m sick of copycats but I will soon reach 100 page views per week

Very funny Google

That keyword also ranked me for the main search term

As I said: a very tough niche and i am receiving traffic.
How I do that. ?
I know the most important SEO ranking factor and i can see through Google smoke and mirrors.

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A reminder to everyone to be courteous and respectful to other users please. Many Thanks.



“Why don’t you enlighten me and tell me the most important factor for SEO.”
Il only give you a hint because it’s better to find on your own, otherwise, it will not have any value to you:
If I were to target the keyword:“cat dancing” and have a very good site, write a blog post about it, and have 10 million dollars to spend on SEO and promotion, I will not be able to rank in the top 5 for this keyword.
Why is that?

"The search terms “get premium internet marketing” and “get internet marketing” are not highly competitive terms.
Remove the “get” and you would have a highly competitive keyword."
I said in the guide that Anytask is a new site and will not be able to rank for medium or high competition keywords.
About the 0 volume keywords and their real volume, I found out for you a blog post that kinda tells what I found out the hard way.

“Being on page one for a search term that no one is searching for is a complete waste of time.”
"Get premium internet marketing " is not a real 0 volume search.
I did tell you that tools are misleading.
1.because someone is searching for it
2.because it has a lot of 0 volume longtails:

get premium internet marketing cloud
get premium internet marketing digi
get premium internet marketing uk
get premium internet marketing bcr
get premium internet marketing zone
get premium internet marketing xl
get premium internet marketing us
get premium internet marketing vk
get premium internet marketing strategy
get premium internet marketing website
get premium internet marketing network
get premium internet marketing romania
get premium internet marketing plus
get premium internet marketing questions
get premium internet marketing wordpress
get premium internet marketing program
get premium internet marketing plan
get premium internet marketing manager
get premium internet marketing 2019
get premium internet marketing online
get premium internet marketing digital
get premium internet marketing jobs
get premium internet marketing bot
get premium internet marketing number
get premium internet marketing wikipedia
get premium internet marketing 2018
get premium internet marketing hsbc
get premium internet marketing 101
get premium internet marketing xbox
get premium internet marketing youtube
get premium internet marketing jam
get premium internet marketing gratis
get premium internet marketing europe
get premium internet marketing personal
get premium internet marketing srl
get premium internet marketing key
get premium internet marketing vodafone
get premium internet marketing universiteit
get premium internet marketing question
get premium internet marketing 7ps
get premium internet marketing platform
get premium internet marketing bv
get premium internet marketing quotes
get premium internet marketing in romania
get premium internet marketing traducere
get premium internet marketing hub
get premium internet marketing 4k
get premium internet marketing job
get premium internet marketing login
get premium internet marketing home
get premium internet marketing ltd
get premium internet marketing 7p
get premium internet marketing email
get premium internet marketing app
how much get premium internet marketing plan
get premium internet marketing degree
get premium internet marketing recept
get premium internet marketing free
get premium internet marketing yahoo
get premium internet marketing 2020
get premium internet marketing timisoara
get premium internet marketing 8.5
get premium internet marketing 6.4
get premium internet marketing 8.2
get premium internet marketing 5.0
get premium internet marketing 5.1
get premium internet marketing 4.1
get premium internet marketing 3.0
get premium internet marketing 7.1
get premium internet marketing 2.0
get premium internet marketing 6.1
get premium internet marketing 1.1
get premium internet marketing 1.0
get premium internet marketing 7.2
get premium internet marketing 6.2
get premium internet marketing 4.0
The above keywords with 0 volume get searched once in a while, I admit that from an intent perspective most of them are not relevant for “get premium internet marketing”, but you can rank for some of them once you rank for the main one.
For me personally ranking for this keyword will be a waste of time. For 50-100 page views per month I will not bother, but not for Anytask.
Anytask is trying to build a brand, so for them even Google impressions without clicks are important in the long run.
Fiverr didn’t get where it is in 6 months.
Now about that task, are we allowed to re sell other peoples products on Anytask without their permission, apparently this seller bought some premium internet marketing courses and you can get access to thousands of dollars worth for just $5.
That task should be on a Blackhat site not Anytask
I will not comment about the sellers from Anytask
I found this keyword for you. Just to prove again that Anytask is ranking in Google and it will rank even higher with time.
880 world wide volume…I will not talk about the long tails

170 USA search
Anytask is on page one… and mark my words it will reach top 5 in a couple of months, Fiverr is obvious 1.

If you don’t agree with me that it is ok, but please stop telling people that Anytask cant rank in Google.

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