GREAT Article from globalcoinreport


Hello, my friends I read 20 minutes ago this awesome article and I want to read it all etn supporter beacuase it will give you more motivation to support etn, lets see whole world what is etn and its true power, also I want to say huge thank to our greatest team ever, because they are doing their best!!!
come on guys be together!!!
(unfortunately, I cant write link of the article but go to the globalcoinreport and see the latest article about etn)



thank you MR.sergoogler for the link <3


A really great article that every etn holder should read.


I think its funny they write we are “playing” with the likes of Cardano who has no product and is only in the list based on speculation, litecoin and ethereum aren’t really competing products anyway. Lets face it who has actually done something about getting a product to market? ETN is going to have a huge advantage and will end up being a top coin that much is certain. Fun times ahead.


Great positive write up, It’s brilliant after all the months of crap to be getting press like this. There will be many more and soon I’m sure. :wink: