Grats. Good job team! Pop the champagne!

hmmm… Come on Richard, give us something we actuially want in a video.

Tell us you have big partnerships.
Talk about that instant payment patient.

what ever happend to multi wallet functionality?..

Where and when will we be able to use this market that we can buy and sell items with etn… I remember the term etn bazzar being thrown around.

Maybe a airdrop of coins?
Maybe pay increase miner payout by 100x?

Give us a date when marketing and advertising is starting…

Give us a reason to invest. Don’t just say good job, cheers all around, carry on good work team… When every day we the investor or just users of your cryptocurrency losing money…

Roi down 94% since launch… Thats what coin market cap says. Really its 50% ish
Actually its

… … …
Not cool.

ETN was 1c during ICO! not sure what your on about!

Thats what the internet says google it your self on coin market cap. Also actual % is more like down 50%ish

yeah ETN really should do an airdrop…or better yet, what if they had an app that anyone could download and get free ETN? oh wait…

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I bet theres is alot of people that join, mine for a day, realize that it takes a month to make 30 cents and don’t come back. If you airdropped $30 pre mined coins to every account user ( Etn could actually afford to do this they have the resources and pre mined coins) I bet you would see active miners rise, as users return.

Look on the bright side. They finally figured out that the onboarding process is far too tedious after all these months.

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Yes, it is a slow process (it feels that way) only because we are checking the price and project 24 hours a day… Well I know that I am.

But with every move the ETN make it is calculated and to mitigate against risk. I can understand airdropping coins (more of them) would be good but some things are merely a temporary measure. The ETN team are in this for the long term. Dedicated to deliver a sustainable product. I cannot wait for the on-boarding updates. Every little update that comes along will really help deliver a beautiful product when true mass adoption comes.


but then they would just drop off again…right?

Hey look, it’s good that it’s finally happening but what I find worrying is that they had months and months of feedback from this forum, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram from 100’s(conservative estimate) of users and prospects all indicating that the unboarding system is too articulated but they have only just recently come to this conclusion, despite excessive data.

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Very true! Lets hope it sorts out the issue and doesn’t need much extra work from here on.

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i think you guys are missing the point. Crypto is going nowhere in general until you give people a reason to use it. ETN is doing that through the unbanked - creating a new economy which takes time. In those places where people don’t have bank accounts but do have phones this is a really good concept to develop. For the rest of us why would we use crypto? The big shift is coming soon. The mainstream economy is going to tank soon and when it does crypto will come into its own. ETN is following a plan and it takes time. At least they have a plan - who else is doing anything to develop their product? Who else is actually doing something to implement the adoption? ETN price is only low because of mining and people selling to cover the costs of it - that will turn a corner and the price will go up in tune with the adoption that comes. Just take a chill pill and relax.


You lose only if you sell. For the rest, you must be patient. Yeah, I know, a little more.


i think you are right, over the past month or so, the amount of complaints about on boarding had been non stop. I think the majority of people have given up now. But it took people on the ground to tell them. Didn’t they set this community forum up for that reason to listen to the users? well unfortunately its still not happening. Please don’t read into my comment as fud. Im an ETN believer stating the facts.

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It’s not FUD at all. Its a direct indicator of their “Process Improvement” program.

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The video was ok but lacked a lot of detail. When projects get behind in some areas the transparency goes out the window. What was funny was he was trying to talk upbeat but his body language gave it away. He knows its not good enough and that he is repeating himself about timeframes/delays. That said, it does sound good about actions on the ground in SA. But we should see more imagery updates from the team on the ground etc. He needs to not hype things up too much in future. Better to under promise and over deliver than to overpromise and underdeliver. :slight_smile: Love the project but gotta stay real about progress.