Gratitude and Congratulations


:star:️A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Team Electroneum!:star:

:clap: @ETNCEO, @chris.gorman, @taylor.gorman, @ImogenD, @andrepatta, @Rachel and EACH and EVERY member of Electroneum! :clap:

You are the one-in-a-million team in this entire crypto space who refuses to settle for mediocrity and delivers on its vision by taking massive action resulting in very real, tangible, intuitive solutions; You are proof that dedication and hard work truly does pay off. Thank you for leading by example and speaking with your actions in this rapidly developing space.

Here we are – 1 year later – and finally the time, stress, and pain that you have endured is beginning to receive well-deserved attention, recognition, and praise! Make no mistake, the spotlight is shining on ETN now, and the timing is perfect :ok_hand:. This is an historic milestone for Electroneum, with many more I am certain because things are just getting started.

:clap:Also an enormous THANK YOU to each Admin here AND in the new Electroneum Community Forum​:clap: – you are diligently performing a terribly challenging and often thankless duty benefitting an enormous user base – your efforts are what make this awesome, positive community of supporters and early adopters all possible. No other community in all of crypto has quite the enthusiasm and excitement as Electroneum’s, and perhaps that is the reason this is the fastect growing cryptocurrency that has ever existed.

If you are reading this and haven’t yet logged in, be sure to:
:point_right:The forum is THRIVING :eyes: and everyone is welcome to chat, discuss, listen, learn and debate all things ETN – the Team also shares ETN content and news hot off the press​:iphone: !

:shield: Speaking on behalf of everyone who supports Electroneum :shield:: We do not know how to say thank you when thank you is not enough. We are all here because of you, and there are over 200+ Million others will be here because of what you have done and will continue to do. :handshake:


The most promising project I have ever seen in the crypto space alongside with the best Team and CEO in the crypto world

Supporting electroneum from the day 1 and proud to be part of this amazing community :black_heart:

Congratulations to all of us and best wishes to the team in delivering ETN to the Masses :zap:


Go go go etn … Molte delle altre cripte fanno bene alla pompa e al dump, che va bene, questo è il loro vero scopo … Ma etn ha un progetto unico di adozione di massa tramite cellulare. Come fai a non vedere la differenza? Come guys…


Thank you all so much for the lovely comments but more importantly thanks you all so much for standing shoulder to shoulder with us. We have a real opportunity to make a difference in this world, all benefit in so many different ways

Special thanks to you @Jeff_Knight and @MSystem you are an amazing force of good


I love every step Electroneum takes and it is one step, but together it is millions of steps. thank you Electroneum. Happy Days


My love for Electroneum has deepen with each passing day. I’m so obsessed with the project and want to be part of it in every way possible.

The dev team have really been stoic, always committed to solving problems that arise and delivering their promise. A millio thank you from this side of Africa!


Wow that video was so amazing! I really like the ETN project a lot a been following it ever since the ICO and i honestly think ETN is super amazing and i think they can reach very big things in the future its going to be big for Electroneum and it wouldn’t surprise me if one day next to bitcoin we will see Electroneum popping up everywhere around the globe i am so glad to be part of this amazing opportunity and chance and to be part of such an amazing Company that tries to change the world completely keep up the good work Richard the ETN Team and everyone of the Amazing ETN Community we have a long way to go together but i will definitely be there all the way! :cowboy_hat_face:


nice video presentation… i’ve been part of this community since the beginning and i’ve really love to be here…!!


Awsome presentation! :ok_hand:


I will tell you that is the reason I love ETN @chris.gorman the thought of being part of a revolution is so amazing.

Never once did i listen to any negativity, even in the early days. Been with ETN since ICO and believe in you guys even more day by day. Thank you all from the USA.


There is a post that asks, what is your dreams for ETN? I think it is more appropriate to say it here, my dream became true, the moment I bought into this amazing company!! Thanks from South Africa


Thank you team Electroneum


I have been Excited since the ICO for over a year now and that feeling has NEVER gone away…On the contrary its only got Me More excited now.knowing what’s to come…


awesome I see electroneum in the top20 real soon it’s doing alot better then most other coins in the top 20 it’s just a matter of time


Chris your wisdom and intuitive leadership has also been refreshing Ive read all of your articles on LinkedIn, seen your involvement as a member of the community. Richard has an outstanding team standing beside him with a united vision for the future, its so encouraging. I am but one person expressing my enthusiasm and belief in the ETN project, but by no means the only one that has your back.Thank you all for your commitment and thank you to the community for sticking to your guns. It’s only just begun.


I like that video soo much. We need to put at least this or better video to every TV channel around the world or pay some spot at SUPERBOWL? There is a lot of people and everybody watch live in USA…
Couldnt wait till marketing start… :heart: