GPU mining for ETN is possible?

I am just wondering guys if there’s any chances of mining ETN using GPU rig.?

If you have aisc sure if not don’t waste your time and electricity

Correct there is possibility but not worth of your time and money. Mine other crypto and than change at exchange to ETN. :slight_smile:

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You can mine another coins like XMR or GRFT and then you can change it to ETN.

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Yes, it is possible, but there is no reason for doing that.
Mine Monero or Stellite instead. Stellite has risen in price 5x for the past month. But as expected, the diff went up as well, as more and more people found out about it.
What hardware do you have?

Best consistant return right now seems to be mining TUBE. Send tube to TradeOgre Exchange and sell it for Bitcoin and use that Bitcoin to buy ETN.

Graft was good for 2 months there, but ASICS showed up about 10 days ago and returns have went down by 80%. They are forking on Oct 31st to block the ASICS so GRAFT will probably be best to mine after that but for now i’d recommend TUBE. For every tube you will get 7ish ETN