Got any AD ideas?

Hello everybody,

We need you and your awesome design skills!

Below you can find a few examples that we’ve put together, which will eventually end up as adverts on social media once there are sufficient sellers on the page.

But, this is where you come in! We’d love to see your designs, and we’d love to begin using your ideas in our advertising campaigns, to keep everything super community led.

Ideally we’d love them in 1:1 aspect ratio (1080x1080px) and in GIF or MP4 format.

Can’t wait to see all of your ideas!

The Electroneum Team

I have an idea but only you can make it.

You need all of the user images that have signed up to anytask so far…

Download them all
Add them all together
At the start have the letter A
Put 10 images up
Add the letter N
Ten more
Add the letter Y

Etc etc until you spell anytask

Make it so when you play it fast its like subliminal message and you see anytask spelled out then at the end … anytask logo…

You may have to add several frames of the letters to make that letter stand out…

Like this but with the above and user images…

Had to put it on twitter as my gif was tiny on here

I used my images as an example.


I can’t make visuals but how about this phrase?

‘Anywhere, Any time, Anytask
Monetize your skills with no fees’


Working on a few animated vids at the moment which I’ll post here before anywhere else to see if you’d like to use them. :+1:


Oooo i love your design’s @Anthony you make some amazing animations …
Cant wait to see them


Thanks plankton, I’d like to able to produce them at the rate and consistency you put yours out! You’re flying the flag for us and inspire me to do more!


That’s only because mine are cheap and cheerful yours are superb and classy :grin:

Thankyou … but tbh I wish I had half of your skills the quality you put out is amazing.

Hmmmmm. If only there was a platform coming soon where you could teach me how to do it :grin::joy:

I hope you will be on and :+1:


I’m still brushing up on my 3D animated skills… :sunglasses: :sunglasses:



This …


Thats sweet!!!


Some great ideas coming in already! This is great. Thanks!


Here are some short, benefit-driven copy examples aimed at those looking for freelancers.

  1. Copy: Freelancers you won’t find on any other platform.

Get people wondering what type of people and tasks are available from sellers who have up until now not been able to join the gig economy due to no bank account.

  1. Copy: The feelgood freelance network

Here we’re alluding to the sense of feeling good about buying from those in developing countries who will benefit from the business.

  1. Copy: Digital services from $1.

An obvious usp versus Fiverr.

  1. Copy: We’ve just invited 1.8 billion people to be part of our freelance marketplace. Come and see who’s already joined the party.

  2. Copy: Oh no, not another freelancer marketplace! Find out what makes us different to all the others.

Acknowledging that some may initially think of us as just another copycat site to join up to.

PS, I’m available for hire!


Yeah, I’d be happy to sell/teach some stuff on there. I’m sure TaskSchool would be the perfect outlet for that. Maybe Electroneum would consider buying online courses developed by community members and others to then give away for free on TaskSchool? I’m entirely sure how they plan to populate it with content. I’m sure Richard will elaborate on that soon.


All good stuff there!



Still learning… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :rofl:


I had an idea the other day using the tag line:
“We are ETN” or “We are AnyTask”

Basically, short 1-3 second videos focused on the users and creators of ETN/ AnyTask from all over the world saying “We are” or “I am”.

String them all together as a commercial/ infomercial on YouTube and/or break them up individually for short blurbs on Facebook/ Twitter. Put a face to the task.

I’ve seen other brands in other industries do something similar with good results, and I think it would carry over well to this one.


That’s one of my favorite postings you’ve made! :+1:


Tx man.Appreciate it…Using Blender as well to improve my 3D animation…Its fantastic… :+1: :+1:


I did a couple of designs off of your thought

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