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Hi, can someone from team confirm GOPX Token is created by electroneum or not, and what is purpose of it for electroneum, if yes,

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13. Information about us

13.1. We”, “we”, “Us”, “us”, “Our”, “our” means the GOPX TOKEN-Network or the relevant company in the GOPX TOKEN-Network (as the context requires). 13.2. Electroneum Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 10845797 with its registered office at Lyndean House, 30-34 Albion Place, Maidstone, Kent ME14 5DZ (“Electroneum”). Electroneum is the creator of the GOPX TOKEN cryptocurrency and blockchain. 13.3.

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wow did you see the chart on this coin? all time high 9k and dropped to all time low of 1.11 now around 1.44 imagine if you bought this coin for 9k? yikes

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I stumbled on that GopX or whatever some time ago, I surely hope it’s not affiliated or part of any meaningful plan of Electroneum. Seems amateurish to say the least.

@John_Lambo but they mentioned it on there official website

Yeah, that baffles me also. Doesn’t seem legit by any standards imo, especially given how ETN has been careful about stepping on any regulatory shoes price-wise. Those guys are flat out giving numbers about the token price with timetables, from 1 usd to 2500 usd by next year. A monumental red flag.

I would also hope ETN would comment this, sc*m in my books for sure.


I think it’s pretty safe to assume it’s fake. :slight_smile: Even without verification.

They are just using ETNs details.

Report their domain


I think it’s a duplicate fake site you are referring. When I browse from US to their site, I don’t see any mention of ETN at all. Use a VPN to browse that site and see if you are seeing the ETN info.

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@MJ138 you should visit this link, it’s in privacy policy

and just search electroneum name on this page.

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