Google Authenticator App Issue

I swapped phones and set up the new phone with authenticator, exported the accounts and all seemed to be working. I then wiped my old handset and now the accounts that I exported seem to have disappeard on the new phone.

Anyone know why this might be the case?

yeah that doesn’t work - you can’t export the app . There is a way to migrate to another phone by scanning a qr code and then importing that code onto the new app/phone(maybe that is what you did?). I had this issue and had to setup all my apps again - massive pain and took ages to get it reset on all the websites. There is a setting your can resync the app but I don’t think that does anything in your case.


When I changed a phone I did not have any issue… normally download app and all is ok

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yeah not sure - i just know when i looked up how to do it they said you need to do an export from the original app then when you install the new phone and app you import that qr code which restores all the different codes you had on the original app. I think I found some document on line about how to migrate it.

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Managed to get the 2 exchanges to respond to support tickets very quickly and I am back in one 1 of them.

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that’s good man. I know mine took a bit of time but I just did the important ones first. That app was the most problematic for sure when changing phones…

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