Good video editor to merge clips?

I’m looking to start doing YT vids and want to know what video editor and version is good for simply merging a bunch of short clips. I’ve sat in my garage for 5 hours last night trying to do a vid in 1 sitting and kept messing up. XD I’ve asked @TruthfulRob in the YT comments and he recommended Sony Vegas. I’m wondering what version I should use though that has this feature, because the prices range from about $50 up to hundreds. If anyone could help, it’d be much appreciated. :slight_smile:
@MSystem (don’t remember sean or crypto nwo’s usernames here)

I used Adobe Premier Pro CC and After Effects, but that is an overkill if you just want to put few clips together. Hitfilm Express is free and very good, maybe you can start there,

Best of Luck


Alright. I’m downloading Hitfilm now. Thanks!