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Hi. I would like to preface this by saying I don’t have experience in owning and operating a company. Despite that I have a few ideas for good news every other friday that might instill more trust in the project and help with sentiment. I will detail them ahead.

  1. On a Monday put out a post that opens the floor for community to ask questions. On a good news friday, some of these can be answered in a post.

  2. Electroneum employee video or written interviews. From support all the way up to the ceo. It would be nice to get to know the team and what they do.

  3. Give specific details on progress being made on things like Avoid saying timeframes to avoid people being let down.

  4. Etn office tour video.

  5. Higlight comments taken from community social network sites and talk about why or why not what they are talking about is possible. This will make the community feel heard and excited to be on the forum and other mediums.

Just a few ideas. :+1:

@Rach @BegaMutex @ETNCEO @ImogenD

All great points.

I’d like it if the team could talk about ways the community members (who are so inclined) can take more of an active approach in helping Electroneum beyond referring friends, colleagues and family.

The majority of us work a 40 hour week, have family/other responsibilities and still make time for this community forum and promote ETN and inform others across other social media platforms. Time is precious and so I’d like to know that any contribution I make is useful and has the most impact because it’s aligned with electroneum’s goals and priorities. There’s working hard and then there’s working smart.

Is electroneum considering a coordinated approach to the dissemination of information via community members and investors for the acquisition of users beyond referrals?

What is the strategy for viral growth? What can we do as community to step up our game and be more effective? Same question goes to the Electroneum team.

Would it help if we took a coordinated approach to lobbying exchanges or contacting MVNO’s via social channels?

Would it help if we produced our own marketing videos/ graphics using the corporate guides, themes and colour schemes etc?

Should we set up pop-up stands in town centres, high streets and malls? Should we attempt to onboard local communities, business and vendors? Canvas Colleges and universities? Set up street teams?

Will Electroneum supply us with posters and flyers and other marketing materials or must we spend money printing our own?

Should we develop online courses to teach others about Electroneum? Are there other courses we can consider developing for gig guru?

Should we submit ideas for scripts and storyboards for ad campaigns?

Should we collate social media influencers?

Should we develop a FUD FAQ with solid facts and figures we can signpost to?

There’s no point in us reinventing the wheel so when we have guidelines or a framework to work to there should be less overlap.

So what’s the plan, Electroneum?
Who in the team is responsible or willing to take ownership for coordinating the community effort?

Any clarity or insight on this would be great! Cheers


From my side; I would just love to hear what they are doing. I don’t care if things go well or not. I trust them and they do what they have to do. Just genuinely interested :slight_smile:


Agree. The lack of communication leaves the door open for speculation and false rumors.
And when they communicate, the soon policy is probably the most frustrating part for me.

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Some of the other coins I hold and have put in Blockfolio send out weekly updates regardless. If news is slow, they provide an education on the technology. It would be great as mentioned by @BigBrother305 to provide an update on the team if there are no newsworthy software updates.

Things like how the helpdesk software changes have been - has it helped to improve the efficiency of the team, how you administer the forums etc… All these could link back to a blog post rather than detailed on here, reddit, blockfolio etc…

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