Going to MWC 2019?


I just received a reminder about MWC 2019 (Mobile World Conference) via twitter.

Will electroneum be attending?



They need to go there 1000%…


I agree @Mr.CryptoCZ they definitely need to make it there. They’ve come a really long ways since the previous one. Another good opportunity for more new partnerships there too.

Good post @SteveElliott I hope we see Richard announce that they’re going to go again perhaps at the beginning of 2019.


That would truly be great, but I get feeling they have a lot of work to do at the moment so it may not be on the agenda. I hope it happens :slight_smile:


I think they must show there and show the progress they made. :sunglasses:
And maybe get more partnerships. In the first one Electroneum was walking around and showing product and asking for partnership.
Maybe this year somebody will approach Electroneum asking for partnership.:smiley:


Useful suggestions, but lets leave it to Richard to decide. Remember, they may already have NDAs with certain partners who will be attending the MWC. On the surface it may seem logical to attend, beneath the surface when they review the business case, they may decide any additional benefit may be negligible so may not see the worth in attending.