Go to more Blockchain conferences around the world

I wish that ETN marketing team go to more Blockchain conferences and too Electronics and mobile congress like they were at MWC2018 in Barcelona… Do you have some tips where the team can easily promote our instant payment system or mobile miner? Write down - date, locality and link or more info:

For example:
Taiwan congress on 14.9.2018: https://www.blockasia.io/coinvoice-blockchain-innovation-summit-sharing-new-investment-opportunities/

I find here the list of blokchain conferences around the world. https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-events/

getting out there and making contacts. LOVE IT

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@ETNCEO are YOU going to LONDON? We need be more visible at more Blockchain conferences around the WORLD…

In link above there are all covered just explore and go to 10-20% from the list… make DEAL, hire some more STUFF etc…

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I am sure that Richard will have lots of plans to go to conferences and such soon enough when marketing starts I think he will also be joining more to spread the word :thinking:

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ETN needs to have their own conference in Miami, Las Vegas, anywhere. I’ll volunteer to help set it up.


Please support this Question at October interview (thanks for LIKE) : https://www.reddit.com/r/Electroneum/comments/9lt2pg/qa_october_2018_also_latest_link_to_latest_pulse/e7dqp09/

I am happy because today our COO was at Blockchain conference. Check here for more: https://theblockchainday.com/team-member/jurgita-rhodes/

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They will come. One step at a time. Patience is key!

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“quality over quantity” needs to be the approach, if they attended “lots and lots” despite the small reach outside the community most of these events have, they would just be spending money with little results, and lets face it, results matter when you have a finite supply of cash right…

how much do you guys think it costs to “send a team” to an event across the world? you might spend $20,000 at the drop of a hat sending a team to a foreign country for an event where you might really only be talking to insiders in small quantities, rather than reaching hundreds of thousands outside crypto for that same cash, so you really need to be careful about who you’re targeting and what cost that has…

whats better in your minds, attending these conferences filled with mostly insiders who already have their favorite cryptos and fighting for their love, or working with say a mobile carrier to bring aboard their entire customer base as potential customers who have yet to dip their toe into crypto and will be “fresh meat” unbiased about which coin is better, and because you are first mover with them you gain that loyalty…

quality over quantity is going to be the better approach, impressing those internal to crypto will not gain you anything but prestige among them, it will get you few users as everyone is fighting over that small group, branching outside crypto and bringing those people in will be the FAR better return on your expenses…


Thanks for joining this thread. Yeah I agree. But now we have something to show. So I can see some activity. For now it’s everything under MOU and we have no deal working…
People need to see progress not only talks :smiley:
So let’s have more patience and maybe team surprise me again.
Could not wait till monster deal anouncment :wink: