GLOBAL NEWS STORIES (where Electroneum can help)

  1. Share news articles from your country’s biggest news outlets where Electroneum would help.
  2. Leave positive comments on the article summarising how Electroneum would help that situation.
  3. Message the journalist who wrote the article and let them know about Electroneum and how it would help.
  • Be respectful.
  • Keep it clear and concise and relevant to that story,
  • Using the term Fintech company instead of cryptocurrency might help engagement.

Possible outcome:

  1. The name Elctroneum will be subconsciously planted.
  2. The Journalist may edit their article to include Electroneum as a potential solution.
  3. The journalist may write a follow-up article about Electroneum or pass onto a colleague.
  4. Electroneum may elicit discussion among influential people and the general public.

By Sean Coughlan
BBC News education and family correspondent
Twitter: @seanjcoughlan


You can create a BBC account if you would like to comment on their news articles.

As you can tell by the sentiment from the comments, many people have a low opinion of Bitcoin. Maybe some posi-vibes for Electroneum may make a few of the readers google it.


Or maybe join in comments with mention of ETN and sharing some article from Chris Gorman… At LinkedIn or medium…


Yes, that would work too. I currently have the most recent post on both the BBC news article and the Independent’s news article regarding today’s remittance story.

I shared a link t @MSystem’s videos in my comment showing the transfer of $50,000 worth of ETN in under 2 seconds, for under 1p.

it would be great if people can upvote my comment or also post their own comment (on the news websites)


Wow,$50,000 worth of ETN transferred in 2 seconds for a cost of under 1P,this will make ETN the unbeatable money transfer method worldwide.Undoubtedly a great great future for ETN.This is what I call ‘The Best Of The British’.This is the result of Richard’s stewardship and a high quality team working with him.God Bless Richard Ells and The Team.


The thing they can do is opening lisenced money transfer branches similar to western union and money gram world wide, am sure 1/10 of the fees compared to western union will make them very popular


Yes it will open a lot of pbilities.
Thank you for replying.ossi