Global Coin Report......Richard Ells rescheduled?


Richard Ells has rescheduled his appearance on ‘Global Coin Report’ today. I think he was about to reveal some major deals, but due to a setback had rescheduled the announcement.
It’s just a guess, but it makes sense because we’re already halfway October and it has been quiet at ETN headquarters (except for all the KYC advertisements :grin:)

Global Coin


I honestly think that since the integration of kyc the team has been snowed under and are frantically trying to sort all the issues out.
We haven’t got a big team so they are gonna be busy as hell …

Poor buggers .


Wait for the full implementation of kyc on nov12
This is my own opinion
But my guess is after nov12 there will be a…

  • Announcement of the 1,000 beta tester
    *Announcement of the list of vendor on the electroneum website
    *Some existing Store around the world that accept ETN thru instantpayment
    *Announcement of some corporate partnership that stalled coz of lacking of regulation before i.e. XIUS,Bmedia,Effortel
    *Maybe a new Partnership

And there’s thousand of possibilities to come that will benefit us all. So cheeers


Just not sure if it is today or in 10 days time as said in video


Just had confirmation to say it is on today.


Fingers , toes , eyes everything crossed for some good news


woow i am waiting it so much, richard is everything for us!!! true leader


Can you elaborate?
Richard is on today’s show?


Apparently according to global coin report on twitter


Good to know, thanks!


No, Global Coin Channel haven’t released a new report. Yesterday they told that Richard had rescheduled his interview and will be attending within about 10 days.
So perhaps more news next week…


Fight The ETN Dump Club!
Fight The ETN Dump Club!

i have to buy popcorn and pepsi haha :joy::joy::joy: its always interesting to listen MR.Ells


I can’t imagine Richard talking about anything important on a youtube channel with 198 subscribers. lol


Aha, I didn’t catch that twitter conversation. I only follow them on Youtube. Will check twitter soon. Thanks :+1:


I can’t find the video - did they post it?


Not yet as the last video was from yesterday.


I see - major news is always on a Friday so maybe we will get lucky tomorrow


haha mkid good joke but everything can happen!!!:grinning:


Yeah, tomorrow would be nice. By the way, can’t imagine that he would bring good news via a -small- Youtube channel. I bet he’s composing his email right now he is going to send to us tommorow :smile:
Have a nice weekend :+1:t2: