Giving up on KYC terrible rude support experience



Level 1 - Everyone has to have this and can send/receive up to 150euro in 3 months.
Level 2 - Only needed if you wish to send MORE than 150euro (up to a max of 10k) in 3 months
Level 3 - Can send any amount.

Get the level relevant to your trading amount done by Nov 12th or your account will be frozen until you do.

So the information on the website is incorrect. That seems odd… You might want to update it.

@Rach do u have a resolution for my original question since the qr code to scan is still gone at my account.

Have you added the information into that page you took a screenshot of?

@Rach if this is directed to me, No i have not. My question was about yoti kyc, especially i have no qr code to scan anymore. after deleting yoti account as suggested by u (Rachel)

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Tengo un problema. Cuando intento escanear el código QR con la aplicación ETN MINIG. En mi perfil de my. Electroneum me sale como ERROR. Y EN ESTO ESTOY ATASCADO NECESITO que me ayuden por favor

La aplication tiene nada que hacer con el KYC. Es solo para transferar y chequear su ETN.
El codigo QR debe ser escaneado con la aplicacion YOTI.
A que nivel eres ahora?

@Rach I think all discussions would end about ETN transfer limitations for Tier1/2/3 if only…

I would suggest to change the website accordingly :thinking:



I have a feeling they don’t want to say this out loud, but there are 2 different versions of this page. Someone already posted screenshots of both versions, either here or on telegram, I don’t remember. First version says you can transfer up to 150€ on level 1, but the second one states receive/deposit only. So, it looks like it depends on the country. Also, for this second version, it looks like you can’t send unlimited amount, but up to 10.000€ with level 3.
If this is not the case, I would like someone (from the ETN team, obviously) to specifically says that, even if it says deposit/receive only for level 1, you can still send 150€ in 3 months.

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Its quite clear in the FAQs.

@BegaMutex Since you’re Telegram channel admin too, you probably know people posted 2 versions of this table. If the FAQ are universally applied, why 2 versions of level explanation table?

I created the textual adjustment myself, so the attached version in my reply does not represent the actual website. They should take this example and simply translate it for all other languages.
I hope the team will pick it up and change it. It will make life so much easier for the benjamins&newbee’s :laughing:

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I haven’t seen two version @davorf .

Perhaps updates were made a while back and some people are still showing screenshots from the old version.

Either way, the FAQ is the best place for people to go to get answers. It will be kept up-to-date and have common queries added to it when they arise.


I’m not referring to your picture, but the actual table with explanations on my profile, which states Deposit/Receive ETN for Level 1, and does not mention 150€ limit for transfer. And it’s not in my language, but in English, so, it’s not the language that creates a confusion.

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This is what is shown in the online wallet.

This is the FAQ explanation:

Its clear enough. People know what the limits are.


It’s not the old versions that have this. Here’s a screenshot I’ve just made, few seconds ago. And take a look at the part selected with a red square.

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Edit: Looks like we posted the same, but I was a bit slower.

No its not the old version. The current has the same. See my screenshot.

I’ve posted the limits above which are very clear. Everyone knows what they are. Lets move on shall we?

maybe get back to my original question which still is not resolved?

You need to add the information into the page that you took a screenshot of, upload a document and send it through. Your account is not required to do level 2, so please be aware that you do not need to do level 2 right now. You are up to date on your KYC.