Giving up on KYC terrible rude support experience


After 5 support request all instantly closed with only a short responce “Please check our forum to ask this kind of questions” i am official giving up on KYC level 2 and 3 and just move my small test funds back to cli.

I found the experience extremely rude, as i clearly explained to support multiple times that i rather not discuss the kyc procedure in the open, and almost begged to please stop instantly closing the support quest without a resolution.

Also the question i hesitantly asked on the forum did not get any responce sadly, so why the extremely rude support ?

If it’s busy ok np i will happely wait longer no problem at all, but just instantly closing your support request without even reading what i am asking? I just find that totally unacceptable.

Just my opinion as a disapointed investor

Closed support and now also closed forum post?

Questions and queries regarding KYC can be answered here on the forum, unless you have to have your profile changed to a basic Yoti.

Please explain your query here and I will answer it for you.


I truly do not understand why this has to be solved on a open forum, i find it very odd, but as final try as there is apperently no other way, i guess i will have to do it here then.

On the forum it was suggested by u that if u are stuck u will have to delete your yoti acccount and start over, in a different order. I reluctantly did this, as yoti support was extremely kind and helpfull to get my account fully authenticated and this would mean they will have to do it all over again.

So i deleted my yoti account gave a apology in my deinstall feedback and stated that this was suggested by electroneum support.

After the deletion of my yoti account i went to to find there was no QR code for me to rescan in yoti.

I exactly described this problem in a support request but it just got auto closed with a message u should ask this questions on forum.

Below is now what i see in my profile.


Yes, that’s just fine, I had to pass this too. Fill all the required fields and that’s all.


we are many having these trouble, my conclusion is : yoti failed, its created many frustration in electroneum community .
The Ceo Richard Ells must really find solution for investor getting thses trouble to pass the level 2 and 3


Basically, as we live in the smartphone era, I imagine people below 40 should be able to master this technology pretty good.
It’s not Yoti’s fault, neither is ETN’s fault.
People in developing countries may have not access to banks, but many have smartphones and they treat them like an integral part of their life.
What is the issue then? If people can’t do a basic document upload over the internet, then we might as well get back to our caves.


…and once you get an answer to your issue here, anyone else who has the same problem will be able to see what needs doing… Freeing up valuable resource to be dedicated to signing off the KYC requests.

Makes sense to me.


I can’t even download the yoti app and my smart phone is only 2 years old. It would be easier for the unbanked and mass adoption if iris scan or copy of photo identification was directly attached to our wallet, and forget about yoti

I’m usually a very positive person but I do see many issues with yoti identity process.

Ease and hassle free is the key to mass adoption, we have the technology and we can do it (think outside the bank box)


Yoti is constantly adding more countries and phone models to their accepted list.
You should contact them if you keep having this problem.


Yoti knows my situation, they think its a dev problem they said they’ll contact me if they fix it or find out what the problem is. This was over two weeks ago. Probably not a good idea for me to purchase etn until I can access yoti or know I can definately shift the coin in the future.


If you don’t finish your level 3 verification until the 12th of November, no biggie.
You could still deposit ETN in your account, only that you won’t be able to withdraw or send it until you get verified.
Those coins will still remain yours no matter what.


To clarify and answer some remarks, i would like to do my kyc with yoti. I think the idea is great to use yoti only execution is not. To share your KYC info is not to be taken lightly identy theft is a real problem.

Yoti is specialised in this, there support is lighting fast and very on the point, they are in this from 2014 and they are soc 2 certified , they clearly explain what they are doing with your data and how they store this and kyc is there core business.

I couldn’t find anything how electroneum handles this, if they are certified to handle kyc, or how they even store the information u provide.

I stored my coins in a cli wallet because u own the private key, i only transfered a small percentage, to feel the experience and how smooth kyc is, i think its a good practice to store your funds offline i also believe u should not just share your id social number and whatever they require you to share, without a clear statement how they will protect the data and they should only request the bare minimum.

At this stage Electroneum asks more info from me then any european based exchange where i trade for much higher amounts then 150 euro in 3 months which is odd. Not one exchange asked for my employee and my job info and asked for proof of my home addres and btw number but electroneum did.

To me it seems excessive.


Electroneum can’t score massive partnerships if their users don’t do the KYC verification.
All these companies need to be sure that they are dealing with real people, who do not intend to do money laundering or any other sort of scam.
No project can achieve mass adoption without KYC.


@ eFiJy what’s about those who have only be able to fill the Tier1? how much ETN will they send/receive? will we be limited too at 150€, 10000€ as those filling the both Tier2 and Tier3 ?


Yes, they will be limited at 150 euros/3 months.
The 2nd level allows a maximum of 10.000 euros every 3 months.
And the 3rd level has no limit.

They have to change some things on the account page, as it is currently a bit wrong in terms of explaining the levels.


Agree with you. If Yoti have certification why this part of KYC not let 100% on them and their good support and comunicative support.

If you show them FAce, then passport and they have your phone number your voice and maybe finger print its 100% evidence that you are REAL person and you dont need to write more info at electroneum ltd - like tax number and your job - where you work or other details…

For me too seems like making something double times and not sure what is with my PRIVACY document - where they are stored etc.

Yoti - have certification for this and they have encrypted our detail but what about Electroneum have something like this?


I’m sure the amounts are correct. 1st level only receive ETN. 2nd 150. 3rd 10k.


the 2nd tier is up to 10K and the 3rd tier is over 10K


No man, it is as I previously said. And many others have said, as well as the admins.




Level 1 - Everyone has to have this and can send/receive up to 150euro in 3 months.
Level 2 - Only needed if you wish to send MORE than 150euro (up to a max of 10k) in 3 months
Level 3 - Can send any amount.

Get the level relevant to your trading amount done by Nov 12th or your account will be frozen until you do.