Give away for 5000$ worth ETN on facebook look like page: scam?

I have just received a message from what could be the official site of etn saying that i have been choosen to receive nearly 1 millions etn. There is a link which goes on the log in page of the etn wallet but i think it’s a phishing scam. I didn’t go further. What do you think? thx

scam. if there is a Facebook page check the etn page creation date if it’s not 2017 then it is a fake page.
paste here the link you got

Can’t really find it again but for sure it’s a scam

Scam 100%… next time when you seen it… report it

Thay say if it sounds too good too be true than it probbabbley is so I wood bee cauthious of this as it sounds like a scam

HI i got the same message from Instagram last night

Yup scam.

Thanks for reaching out to the community. Electroneum will announce competitions only on official channels.

Stay safe offline
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