Gig Marketplace Suggestions


Hello @etnceo @chris.gorman @BegaMutex

It’s really a great pleasure to write back to Electroneum as I do receive those pleasing newsletters from you (smiles). Now it’s my time to do the same here. I deem it appropriate to discuss this right now as Gig .guru groundwork might have started or at least almost starting…

I’m from a mid-world country (Nigeria, the hub of online African freelancers) and I’d like to contribute my quota to the development of Electroneum Ltd based off of my experience as a freelancer of three years and a holder of ETN including ICO. I’ve majorly worked on “5rr” up to Seller 2 for about three years and garnered joys and yearnings of both the sellers and buyers on the digital marketplace, and I’d like Gig .guru to be up to par and better than other digital marketplaces of course.

To keep my message as precise and concise as possible, below are my strong suggestions I think should be put in place for better adoption and outstanding buyer-seller experiences:

  1. Sellers (and maybe Buyers) should have experience/milestone badges based on positive results of his/her activities and/or services.

  2. Gigs on the platform should not have a price tag. The buyer would have to enter the detailed requirements of the services needed and also enter a specified amount (budget) he/she wishes to pay for the required services. Here, the seller approves it, and the buyer pays. Or the seller “modifies” it for the buyer’s approval and so the gig order starts. This leaves both parties satisfied.

  3. All price references should show the current ETN value sitewide, so the buyer and seller communicate in fiat value to guide the ETN use, and would see the ETN value and vice versa.

  4. Unlike others, the seller protection should be optimal to avoid current system of ripping sellers off their efforts in delivering their services. Buyer’s protection should be in place as well. Summarily, there should be 50:50 buyer-seller protection without prejudices on either side.

  5. All values held on the Gig .guru platform by both buyer and seller should be in ETN coins, and not fiat, in the respective integrated ETN wallets. That means a wallet is created for every created account that gets to the point of offering or buying services.

  6. All payments and withdrawal are to be strictly made in ETN. This continues to ring on Electroneum bell and keeps the ETN attachment for more adoption as fiat wouldn’t be a payment option (purchase of ETN with fiat could be made available on-site of course). The model is, ETN is to be spent and earned, and not otherwise. This fosters much more market penetrability especially on the targeted service users.

  7. We all should fly the Electroneum flag as against any country flag. Buyers and sellers accounts should fly no country flags to keep the market place more healthy and free for all stakeholders. Everyone is welcome, not his flag. No Country, No Boundary. Just your image/avatar, bio, skill set among others. Language proficiency levels should reflect on each profile, with the membership month and year.

  8. Creation of versatile Android and iOS mobile apps for instantaneous Gig .guru notifications. This is no news as everybody does that now of course.

  9. Being a new marketplace, there should be a buyers request section for buyers in need of services not yet listed for sellers to pick and engage with. Meanwhile, buyers requests already given to sellers should indicate “taken, assigned, ordered, etc” depending on site diction, but still open to sellers response.

  10. Gigs of offline sellers not online on both PC and mobile should not be visible in search by default. The user should be thus prompted to include the offline results if needed.

Thanks for going through my suggestions and your consideration. I just can’t wait to be of more help and for using ETN in receiving and delivering unlimited digital services. See you on Mars!



Nice points. Thanks bruv!


Thanks for the support and participation your suggestions here. I think team need to consider some of them :slight_smile: