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With Electroneum well ahead on a crypto gig site…a comparison to seems interesting…please Add any good sources here…

Apparently are doing an IPO estimated at between 800 million and 1 billion dollars in 2019.

“On the Fiverr platform, freelancers can offer their services in a wide variety of categories, starting from $5. As of September 2017, Fiverr offered a catalog of digital services in over 150 categories, with more than 10 million services online from 150 countries, according to data provided by the company. And some 6,000 new services were added every day. The company employed some 280 workers, 180 of them in Israel and the rest in the US.”

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for creative and professional services, currently listing over 3 million Gigs in more than 100 different categories across 196 countries. Fiverr is one of the top 130 websites in the world according to

Worth of web says that Fiverr has:

Estimated visits per day:

10,760,000 visits / day

Estimated visits per month:

322,800,000 visits / month

Estimated visits per year:

3,873,600,000 visits / year

Estimated pageviews per day:

53,799,645 pageviews / day

Estimated pageviews per month:

1,613,989,350 pageviews / month

Estimated pageviews per year:

19,367,872,200 pageviews / year

In Jan 2016 it had 1 million transactions per month and est. $12m in revenue/year:

But of course will have ‘no fee’ revenue. Makes for an interesting valuation. As revenue earned by freelancers (plus unbanked) feeds the Electroneum ecosystem…And the feeless site will likely have huge traffic volume…The timing of a crypto freelance sight with almost 3 million users (1.4million actives users) couldn’t be better imo. What will the impact on ETN and its price be?

Pretty much it will all depend on if we get talented people to post their offers on gig guru. Only if that happens gig guru will be a success and would increase demand for ETN, which will have a positive effect on price at some point. I remember a project called coinlancer that failed badly. Not because they didnt deliver, but because people didnt adopt their system and site which left them with a working system with no users.

I personally would love to use gig guru as a client.


Yeah but coinlancer didn’t have an established user base and a crypto ecosystem, plus Mr marketing.


Every time I think of Electroneum and what it can become I think of some of the big players now that have Marketplaces.

Etsy, Shpock, Amazon, Wish. Now I know Fiverr is more of a marketplace for freelancers site for more digital enabled skills. But the point is, there are alot of companies competing and a ton of customers. As the digital world opens up even more we should be primed for huge success.

Fiverr launced in 2010, so has been going for 9 years. Whos to say we can’t get that amount of traffic by that amount of years passed (or sooner.)

I can see why the team are taking their time with the Software, everytime I see Richard it is reassuring to know they have the software stack in place.


when will be opened gig guru?

Should be next week. Uncle Rich said 6 weeks after MWC


Considering Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork and similar pages charges you 20% as a fee for any work you do on their platform, it would be weird if people wouldn’t start using a platform that charges you 0% fee.

But I do agree that ETN need to market this so people actually know it exists. Gig Guru has a potential to be massive.


Yes totally agree. It’s a no brainer as long as there is the same level (or better) talent on Gig Guru as the competitors it will explode.

It would be great too if they allowed people to pay in fiat but the recipient got ETN instead. Basically automatically went to the exchange and swapped it out. Could provide nice price gains


We expect it very soon (April sometime).