Gig.Guru questions to talk about


I’m very excited for Gig.Guru to launch. The sites main selling points are selling or donating lessons and selling work that can be done online with no fees. I have a few questions I would like the community to ponder on and answer according to your opinions.

  1. Who will benefit more from no fees? Unbanked or western world?
  2. Will the western world overtake the unbanked people’s efforts by listing superior work since they have more practice with this?
  3. How long will it take unbanked folks to be equipped to do digital work?
  4. Would an unbanked person accept much less payment based on ETN speculation on future price rise?

Feel free to post more questions/answers about Gig.Guru before it is released. :+1::yum::grin::heart:


  1. The unbanked. They’ll receive the exact agreed fee. Nothing to work out. straight up. simple.
  2. The western world is already ahead of the game. However, emerging markets in developing regions will create the drive in millennials to develop their digital skills. Personally, I would rather pay someone in Africa especially if i know they’re not being stiffed on fees. It’ll be like buying fair-trade produce. It’s a growing movement in itself.
  3. You’d be surprised it, they’re already doing it, it’s a thriving industry. I saw a BBC documentary only last week and the presenter visits a digital skills start-up.
  4. They wouldn’t accept less ETN in payment. They would accept whatever the fiat equivalent would be at that moment in time.


future gig-guru users


  1. All of us

  2. Y/N

  3. A few minutes …to 1 life

  4. No