GIG Economy may not be what its set out to be

evidence is growing that over time, these jobs don’t deliver the financial returns many workers expect.

Interesting post, thanks.

Just because Uber drivers are getting screwed over doesn’t mean that ETN will be affected negatively. ETN is opening up a whole NEW gig economy, not the gig economy discussed in this article. That’s why I reacted positively to this post. The west is not the place for gig economy workers …it’s the place for gig economy employers.


I agree, a $5 salary is intended for the unbanked

A genuine concern of mine is that the west have a highly skilled and highly trained workforce, employing unskilled workers from Third World countries how can we be guaranteed quality workmanship

Actually the gig economy is a space where ETN has the possibility of having a huge impact on improving the entire space for those who provide digital work skills.

Right now gig workers or those who would like to pursue some type of digital gig economy work who live in ETN’s initial targeted markets of the unbanked and developing areas get a big chunk of what they earn eaten up by fees charged by the platform, and the payment processor. Sometimes as much as $3 out of every $5 they earn are lost to fees.

Some struggle to use the most popular payment processor service which is paypal…and even if they manage to make it work in some creative way they pay a ton of fees.

ETN will be a game changer for them, even if they have to pay a a fee to a local exchanger to convert ETN to local fiat they will have their money quicker and keep more of what they earn.

ETN will shine and the space won’t look quite so shady like it does now with Western Big biz taking advantage and lining their pockets with big fees …basically stealing money from those who need it the most and worked hard to earn it.

ETN will do it better, clean up the space a little while improving the quality of peoples lives by allowing them to keep more of what they earn. Thus attracting more talent and collaboration to the platform while also creating opportunity where none existed for many before, because they had no way to get paid on any other gig platform.


actually no , its not negative at all , its called having the ability to discuss and debate an issue without having cognitive dissonance , and being fearful , what you smell is from your own insecurities im afraid. I for one dont believe this article has an effect on ETN and its planned GIG economy website. Buts its a good talking point all the same. Sometimes from such discussion you arrive a gems of points raised by people. If you want everyone to say yes to everything you say then that wouldnt really be progress


I don’t know this for ceratin, but it’s my belief that programs are being put in place in some of our targeted markets to provide skills training and also micro loan programs through non profits to assist in kick starting the economy site.

It’s what I would do, get boots on the ground…talk to those who are in a postion to make things happen. Assist them with anything they need to make it happen. Get the non profits set up with ETN accounts.

Get them organized with local volunteers and millennials who may already have some tech skills. Create some buzz and excitement and get busy changing lives and making a difference.

So that’s what I believe ETN is doing, laying the groundwork and getting local difference makers involved in the gig economy projects, working with non profits to get the infrastructure in place and some pilot programs ready to roll.

I’d suspect there might also be some micro business loan programs being worked on too. Help someone in the unbanked or developing area start a biz and have them accept ETN as a payment option…win/win.

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we already have established industries in the west, what could happen is large businesses and corporations could look to outsource for cheaper labour in 3rd world countries the gig economy could be one of the options for them. The gig economy could be another hit to the working conditions for people in the west. How will the ETN gig economy work, Will there be a bidding process for people to win jobs, Will it be region specific

developing nations can offer services to the developed world at a much cheaper cost. how can this fail?

So are you saying screw the poor and needy of the undeveloped world if it hurts those who have more than they need?

You want to keep them down? Keep them in their place?

The Gig economy site isn’t about large corportions outsourcing everything from the west to the poor. It’s about providing an opportunity to some people who could really use a chance to improve their quality of life while also providing small businesses with small budgets the opportunity to secure reasonably priced digital sourced labor.

Fivver has been around for ten years…and now that ETN wants to do it better and let workers keep more of what they earn you all the sudden have an issue with the Gig Economy model?

Yeah sure…let’s worry about the miniscule impact it will have on a westerners ability to secure employment instead of embracing the positive impact it could have for the forgotten of the world.

Maybe it’s their time for a little taste of success for a change.

I believe in the “gig economy” proposed/pursued/modelled by electroneum. I am excited to have a site where you can learn new skills and eventually monetize these skills

the article did not made mention regarding virtual assistants and other business process outsourced jobs like video/photo editing, technical writing and many other that can be done “from home”/remotely

I work in the gig economy. I love it. I’m my own boss and can work as much or as little as I like.

The phrase ‘Gig’ economy (and it is Gig economy, not G.I.G. economy) - comes from musicians who will do a gig, or ‘performance’, normally for cash in hand.

Gigging could also mean you clean windows, do gardening,- anything which is a short job you want to pay someone to come and do but not ‘employ’ them as an empoyee.

Gigging is fantastic, I feel the term has got a bit lost in translation maybe.

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