Getting the good news to the unbanked in South Africa!

As you all know by now, that we can buy airtime and data in South Africa? I know there is a Electroneum team in South Africa, so is it possible to get in contact with them? I would like to buy a phone or two, maybe get some sponsors too? My thinking is to get the phones where I think can make a huge impact on peoples lives AND maybe do my part in spreading the good news :slight_smile:

Awesome idea Tika :slight_smile: I think there was an Ambassador link so hopefully you have selected that too :slight_smile:

Hopefully I can reach the team here! Yes, the bigger citties Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, are on their road plan, so just maybe i can start something in the rural areas!

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I really want a phone or two also but every phone that is bought by an investor is a phone out of the hands of new users. Maybe we can get them later when there are spare phones.


I was more thinking of giving a phone to someone that don’t have $80 to buy one, so that they can get the word out? But your idea is valid!


Good idea too buy to give away maybe they will do western deals for this later!


Perhaps the ETN team could add an option like a donation/pay it forward button for those who got the means to help pay for M1’s for those in countries who could use them.

There could be an opt in section for those who don’t have the money and as donations come in it can get a pay for a phone for them by time and date stamp, next in line.

Say we get hundreds or a couple thousand people who donate 1-10$, you can imagine the outcome. That’d get M1’s in many hands of people who need them and really kick up the sales at the same time.


Please help in finding a home for this phone.

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