Getting level 2 for university students

Hello, ELECTRONEUM community. I was thinking about how I can upgrade my account to level 2. I filled the requirements as follows:
job: “university student”. Employer: " NOT EXIST since being student" Tax Number: “” NOT EXIST since being student"

After that, I uploaded the screenshot of my online student account prooving that I am an active university student and my account was upgraded to Level-2 in 10 minutes ! Thanks ELECTRONEUM !

Or you can upload up-to-date online student certification prooving being student actively. I think, it is equivalent to what I did.
In the following picture, you see my level-2 !

I’ll be happy if you like this post. Thanks

Its good that they approve students also because i think there are many more that want or have ETN that Else cant even verify themselfs and after all the next generation students are our future again :blush: :+1:

good job my friend :blush::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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