Getting blocked from mining?


For some reason I was blocked from mining and had to fill in some information to get it working again. I have not done anything to modify the app or use any third party at all. I am clueless as to why this happened. Does this mean that my mining will be slowed down from now or was it completely reversed after I entered the information?


Same here :wink:


Really? So it might be a common problem?


Hi! If you’ve had a ‘block’ don’t panic, it’s a simple security reminder, fill out the form and you should be back to full functionality, (any further issues contact


This was just shared on Twitter too.


Same here…


Thank you for the information


Ah I see thank you for that


Getting the error. “The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the form.” Tried a few times.


Looks like the mobile miner doesn’t like Firefox.


Although it’s simple to fix, I found this process a little unintuitive. I assumed the miner was simply down and did not realise at first that I needed to click “See Details”. When I did click “See Details”, I assumed it was just a generic help page and ignored it. I was not aware of the form at the bottom.

Just some thoughts…

Consider making the error message less generic…

    Your miner has stopped for some reason

                     See Details | Dismiss

to something like…

    Your account requires verification

                          Verify | Dismiss

And maybe move the form to be above the fold, so you instantly know you’ve got to action something.