Get Yoti KYC lvl2 if ID not accepted?



Im from New Zealand and Yoti does not accept any forms of ID that I possess (only takes passport).
I have contacted Yoti, who basically said “too bad”. And Electroneum who changed my ‘Yoti to basic’.

Does anyone know what ‘Basic’ means, and how I can progress from here?

I scan the QR code from / profile into Yoti, and there is NO ability to upload documents for verification.
There is also NO ability via the site, unless I am blind and am missing something?!

Do I need to uninstall / delete my pre-existing Yoti username and begin again?

Any ideas appreciated!


I am in the very same situation Steve and I’ve followed the instructions to delete my Yoti and redo it and none of it has worked thus far. I tried literally everything mentioned on the forum to no avail. At this point I am just waiting until Richard announces another KYC method to proceed. He did say they’re working on alternative methods which I’d assume will be announced prior to November 12th or soon thereafter.


Thanks for your reply

Ive literally just deleted and re-created my Yoti, and there appears to be no difference.
Im not sure what a ‘basic’ yoti is, but it appears no different.


You’re most welcome Steve.

It is no different I’ve done it 3 times in a row with no change. I’ve emailed Yoti support a few times and get the same/similar canned responses. I’ll show you one of them, they say they " Might " add the form of ID I have in the future. I’ve a got U.S. state identification card which is what you get when you don’t have a drivers license. That I don’t have due to a visual impairment I need corrected and one shouldn’t need to go get a passport just to use Yoti. I did full KYC for 3 exchanges the other day in an hour all of my documents accepted really fast.

I think Yoti has a good ways to go to be really viable, I’ve seen a plethora of issues from a lot of people. I tried ETN support back and forth for around 3 weeks with no solution. I saw several times if you contact them you can manually upload to Electroneum directly but so far that also hasn’t worked. Thus, I am just awaiting a proper solution for the time being.


Thanks again,
Yes - I keep seeing people talk about ‘manually upload to Electroneum’
But besides just attaching my ID into emails and sending them to … then I have no idea how this is meant to work.

Ive moved my personal ETN to kucoin, as its much easier to buy and sell there. The ETN app for me is now 100% redundant.

Pity, as I wanted to run as an Instant API vendor - but can’t as there would potentially be more than $150 euro going in each month. #fail


You’re welcome, I really do think it’ll be sorted out soon since November 12th will be here quite soon. I’ve lost no faith at all In Electroneum just as excited as I’ve always been, I see the KYC issues as just a small hurdle to overcome for the team.

Yeah, I’ve seen all over about manual uploads but it just isn’t the case at least yet. In order to do a manual upload you have to use the Yoti scanner, however since in my case my ID isn’t accepted I get this as soon as I scan.

I got another shot where it also asked for my address, this was the first time I scanned. However you can’t manually add the address so I can’t proceed. No matter what way you do it, that’s the same outcome until Yoti accepts more forms of identification and add addresses manually in my case for the U.S.


One more thing Steve, I’d stick it out until you can complete KYC and still be an Instant API Vendor because I think it’ll be well worth the patience. Electroneum is going to be an incredible success and go far beyond most peoples expectations. I am highly confident in it, granted the KYC has been a bit of a pain. That will pass though and amazing things are to come in the future. That’s just my opinion of course.


Ask here Common questions regarding Yoti and KYC with answers or then @Rachel


Hi Steve,

Hope all is well!

Pls, help me understand as I did not have any issue registering with Yoti residing in Dubai.

Firstly when you register with yoti, you need to take a picture of yourself, then you have to read three words. After this process, you have to enter your details like name, dob, gender and nationality.

Then you need to upload your ID which can be your passport.
Then the verification process which is your mobile number, email and the address can be entered manually

Pls make a note of the following:
I am an Indian citizen residing in UAE. I have given my Indian passport as ID proof and UAE address as address proof which was entered manually in yoti. With yoti and electroneum, I did the same and my account has been verified (level 3)

I hope you have done the registration correctly. I have helped my friends and brother also to complete their yoti/ETN KYC registration without any hiccups.


@SteveElliott Hi Steve I had problems with YOTI for KYC 2 and 3, so I did it manually and it worked flawlessly. You should be able to upload your documents manually in JPEG or PNG format through your electroneum profile tab. Good luck and don’t lose hope :slight_smile:


I’m in the same situation as Steve, unfortunately this isn’t possible to do unless you have an ID Yoti accepts. It’s been said it does but it isn’t true. As soon as you use the Yoti QR scanner in order to get the ability to manually upload this is what you’ll get on your phone.

It’ll ask for your address/name which in our case doesn’t work since Yoti doesn’t accept the form of ID we’re sending. Thus we’re stuck on level 2 until that changes. There is no way to manually upload name or address to Yoti for us yet either. So we need to wait until there is a solution.


Can you please teach us the details or specifics on how to upload documents in electroneum? Thamks a lot…


At this point you you can’t unless you can manually add an address/name to Yoti or send them a form of identification they accept. So far there hasn’t been a solution for people with this issue. That said as I posted earlier, Richard and the team did say they’re working on alternative methods for KYC. I’d also imagine Yoti will be regularly updating their app to accept more forms of ID and adding more regions for adding your name and address manually.


I have the same problem. Until now, no updates from ETN and yoti on other alternative solution to said problem. KYC is so near but the problem is not yet addressed by ETN and yoti teams.


That’s true, but I really feel Richard will address this by November 12th or soon thereafter. He definitely knows this is an issue for a lot of people and there is no doubt he’s working on solutions for it.


Hope before November 12th so we can have some time to test the alternative solution. If its on Nov. 12th onwards, we cant do any holding or transactiobs veyond 150 euros.


What I did for level 2 and 3 didn’t require YOTI,

I disabled the camera function for the ETN app and uploaded my documents through my Electroneum website. Go to your tab profile and you should be able to do it there. :slight_smile:


How did you disable your camera function for ETN? More screenshots please on how to do it, please… just blurred or crash out your personal details… thanks


Not sure how that would change the profile to allow manual uploads even if you disable the camera. Although, this is the first time i’ve seen this particular suggestion. Of course for anyone to do that they’d need to delete the app and download it again in order to disable the camera function.


How to do it? Cant fully grasp…