German trusted Crypto resources


Native to Germany? Let us know who your trusted Crypto resources are?


woooow awasome i am happy when i see team is working such a hard


Sorry for this question, but what do you mean exactly concerning “resources”? I just don’t get the meaning of it.

Greetings from Germany


Indeed. Fo you mean local exchanges or news sites?

#6 is well known in the crypto scene in Germany. A controversial discussion delivers very often the opinion and statements of Dr. Julian Hosp. As far as ETN is concerned there is a German ETN Telegram group with more than 600 members.


It’s great to see you engage the different communities around the world Imogen they are Affiliated but have different traits and desires. I like the idea of opening lines of communication like this, a very good way to help bring together differences, unite and build strong foundations. Your a smart cookie. :grinning:


Lovely. So let’s start here to get this going.

Here’s a list with 10 German Bitcoin/Crypto Blogs:

Here a couple of Names of the German Crypto field:
. Dr. Julian Hosp
. Dennis Weidner (
. Jutta Steiner
. Zoe Adamovicz (
. André M. Bajorat (
. Dr. Robin Kiera (

Check out this link with the Top German Influencers on Crypto / Fintech. Definitely Fintech you want more exposure in I’d say? Most people still think Crypto is a Scam in any way, so getting those people on your site, might be helpful?!

Here another link with YouTube Channels:

Showing these Channels:

Another good source for people involved in the German Crypto space:

These might help:
Giovanni Cicivelli

That’s my part


Check out my comment further down. Hope that helps


Crypto66 - - > Blog

Just xrp, btc, eth under Review, but good universal Info and good TA imo.


My favourite of German Resources is BTC-Echo:

I also look often here to get update about the Crypto World


Hi folks,

Thanks for all your feedback so far!

Just to clarify, we really want to know:

  • the crypto news sites you read every day
  • the crypto news sites you read every week
  • the crypto blogs you read
  • the crypto influencer videos you watch

We really appreciate the help you’ve given us already and would love to know if you have any more thoughts and insights.


What is the name of this group?


Send more links if you live in Germany or Austria and read some of this or give to the team names at least. Then they contact this channel and can make some article with them… Like we have kriptoemre in turkey Youtube channel with 20k subscribers… We need make this in every region and team ask you for help… :slight_smile:



Yes, i’m one of the admins of that chat. Feel free to join our german chat! There’s an off-topic group too:


russian-telegram is so 2000 late :wink:
IMO, up-to-date etn-action and possible trade-signals are contained in this forum now :+1:

spread the rumour :smile: