Geocaching Electroneum

Let’s geocache Electroneum paper wallets, it’ll be fun.

Yep something like pokemon go style. To all checkpoints give ETN Wallets with 10 ETN every 2-3 hours respawn. :slight_smile: wow great idea

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That would have being awesome

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Howe can we get something like this going?

Or when we have a lot of vendors every can be too like a checkpoint and there can be respawn every 4 hours for example 25 ETN coins… It can be too really good marketing campaigns… Bring more people to the nature and too to our vendors. We just need someone who create this game. :slight_smile: or offer partnership for existing one…

When you discover a geocache it is good manners to leave something behind. In fact you can leave a little writing pad with a name, date, took, left.