Generating of affiliate link/referral link

I want to suggest that the electroneum community, gives everyone the referral link option, instead of just ordinary referral code, for easy registration of new users, and to ease sharing of your referral link

You can use your referral QR code if you click on the blue letters that say Show my referral/QR. You could just screen shot it and send it to someone very easy that way.

For vendors, MVNO’s and partners etc… i 100% agree and i suspect that’s already part of the integration. The people they will target with their links (i.e. customers etc) will be the kind of user who feed into the overall eco system as they will USE the coin and contribute to the flow of liquidity.

Outside of that, I suspect links for everyone wouldn’t be a good idea as it would just encourage one thing: online/social media spamming. That may increase the overall raw numbers, but a large proportion of those attracted would be people outside the target demographic. The limited mobile miner coins flowing into the market need to target those who are most likely to actually use their coins rather than just convert them to other currencies or fiat.

For anyone you meet in your day-to-day, the QR code mentioned by Muen above works perfectly… beyond that i personally think referral links should be restricted to vendors & partners.

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