Gaming ETN. Easypark


If i was the one to enter Gaming with crypto i would try to do it first with steam. The reason for choosing steam is not only for the integration in games but also the platform steam is a golden platform for mass adoption. In steam you can sell and by steam achievements and most users have a credit card. It will be a great place to get fiat in to the ETN system

Integreat a ETN wallet in steam will eas the use of ETN on steam.

New games that launch on steam will most likely integreat ETN in their games.

Upside fore steam is the possibility to charge a exchange fee when people by ETN and the volume on steam will make a big different.

And throwing in this one to, it is not a game but a way of paying for parking.

This can’t be wrong. I never got a ticket after i start using this.


I almost forgot this one:

The Norwegian airline “Norwegian” are looking into cryptos and are weary seriously interested in that marked.

they also have a bank


I agree @B.F.A i think steam would be huge if ETN could get a partnership with them and lots of users and gamers and Phone users they could get their hands on then same as easypark and Many more then these would be So great for ETN to achieve not only mass adoption but also This eco system of Where ETN can be used on a daily basis on So many things then :sunglasses:


I think one of the success factors must be to get fiat in to ETN or it will only be self cannibalizing


The Will already be one step in the good direction for that :grinning: