Gamer integration


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could spend etn on the likes of

PlayStation network
Xbox live

Etc etc etc

That would put the icing on the cake for me , mass adoption via mobile and gaming services…



Absolutely great for upgrading google play balance


10 ETN for a chicken dinner at PUBG:)


That would be interesting but imagine the feeling of buying an extra large pizza delivered to your door with ETN I hope I can do that one day haha


Now that we have Yoti and instant payment…

Decentralized gaming for Electroneum:

Pick a one on one competition game on Android (like 8Ball) and create a receptionist telegram channel for it.
The main channel is the receptionist that assigns you to a room # which is another telegram channel. The rules are given on receptionist channel.

Each room has a moderator which acts as escrow. Each moderator is limited on how many rooms he/she can moderate at one time.

Each person sends 1000 ETN to the moderator. Game plays, at end of game winner takes screenshot and displays in room, loser confirms. Winner gets 90% or 95% of total pot, moderator gets the rest. Receptionist gets a small percentage daily of all mods fees.
Age check is done by Yoti. Eventually game developers will find out and contact Electroneum team and seek integration into the game.


I honestly would like to see Electroneum being accepted everywhere around the globe that we can spend our ETN on anything or even pay our bills with it i really would like it if they could get it to Steam i would most definitly get games with ETN on Steam :yum: