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:video_game: ETN Fortnite Players…Lets Connect! :video_game:

Share the following so we can create some mayhem in the Epic world of Fortnite!

  1. Username

  2. Level of Play: 5. Ninja’s Dojo (
    4. Pretty Damn Good
    3. Kinda Experienced
    2. Upper Level Noob
    1. Total Noob (

  3. Console

  4. Favorite Weapon/Items

I’ll Start:

Username: Vit 2100
Level of Play: 2-3
Console: PC & iPad (When Travelling)
Favorite Weapon: Silent Pistol/SMG & :balloon: (I tend to overuse the Balloons)

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I might do pubg. :thinking::blush:
Not time for it all yet

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