Gambling With Electroneum


A great way to make people use electroneum, would be to gamble with it. A poker site for example, using etn as your buy in and the winnings being etn. Or a weekly raffle, or lottery of some sort. I think people would be more likely to use their etn on gambling websites, rather than buying items from a shop, purely because they have chance to gain more etn. If someone made a website so people could use their etn through gambling, they’d probably become pretty wealthy, for example Bet365 founder Denise Coates paid herself a record £265 million as an annual salary with dividends. It makes her Britain’s highest paid chief executive.

Just saying…


This is crypto…anything is a possibilty.
Theres 160 billion US$ powering peoples dreams at the moment.
A lot of those dreams have become a successful reality some of them because of input just like your own


ETN Poker would be amazing.


BTW we already have a gambling site that accepts ETN:

But yeah poker would be A LOT better :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, but a site devoted to just etn would be cool.


Absolutely. Or a good game where you can buy stuff with ETN. These things can boost adoption for sure.


Most poker sites I’ve played on take 10% of your buy in, so if etn created a poker site and charged players less percentage per game like 2% of your buy in, it could potentially attract poker player who want to save money and play using etn instead of their local currency.


True, but creating an only ETN site wouldnt work so well I think.
I believe we also need BTC, ETH, XRP and so on.

There will be huge legal fees and server costs involved with such project.

I was actually thinking about creating such project myself, but the legal barrier here in germany is huge for gambling. And the initial costs are pretty high even if you can programme and develope most things on your own.


Yeah I don’t see an issue of using other crypto currencies, it’s just an idea to make people more likely to use their etn. I only mine ETN and I don’t want to use it, but if there was a poker or lottery site, I probably would.


Absolutely I would also love to play some texas holdem with ETN. But I believe any other type of game has a bigger chance of success to stay. But if anyone knows about the gambling business and legal aspects it would be sooo amazing to have such site.

The next thing where there are no big legal barriers is just gaming and selling stuff ingame. HODL Rocket is like the only etn game at the moment as far as I know. I hope there will be more.

The only game I ever programmed was tetris and I’m not that interested in writing games personally but I would support such project for sure.


Like I said I only mine for my etn, but if there was a site like I suggested, then I’d be more likely to buy etn from an exchange. So not only does it make people want to use their etn, they’ll be more likely to buy etn.


Check out the ETN lotto website sponsored by the Electroneum Universe


Pick any competitive game. Example would be like 8 ball android app.

Create a telegram channel that acts as a reception area. All people go there and will be assigned a room which is another telegram channel with a moderator/escrow. You each send 50 ETN to the escrow/moderator. You play the game, winner takes a screenshot, loser has 1 minute to confirm or leave. Escrow takes a small fee and sends the rest to the winner.
Receptionist takes a cut at the end of the day of all the escrows earnings.


Rasta G ,
He speaks the right language.
The lottery sounds like a great Concept I know of but havent looked at till now …thanks.


I played the Lotto twice I have a problem giving up 1 or 2 dollars worth of ETN for the lottery tickets.
as I know what they will be worth in years to come.


The guys on ETN Arena have a lot of fun too.
Shout out to @Saint_Crypto
Great concept there.
Theyve got the ideas ball really rolling.!
Throwing numbers at the beast!
Go Etn Arena


I don’t mean the actual lottery, I mean a lottery where you win etn.


That is what this is ETN Lottery


I had a look at your lottery website and good job, but… I only like to use secure websites and wanted to use etn as payment, where as your lottery asks for $1 as payment and your website isn’t secure. It’s not what I had in mind but close.


No this is ETN lottery it asks for $1.00 worth of ETN. This is sponsored by The Electroneum Universe.