Cool , they accept Crypto payments too…

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Awesome Chris thanks for expanding the topic.
If anyone else sees anything else relevant please post it,
Thanks for your input!


No worries @Pahini


That’s pretty cool! What I’d be more interested in is a chip set that has Crypto logos on the different colored chips using Bitcoin or Ethereum for black, Litecoin for white, something for green, and ETN for blue :slight_smile:


Is this close ??
These are for singles though …

I’ll keep looking


Etn one top of this list but there like sets of 10 , 20 etc
£2.60 each or 26 for 10

20%off today



I like these especially if that’s my code on it !!

Your design :grin:

Don’t take a gamble when it comes to planning the perfect event! Custom poker chips help add something special to any event. Weighing 12 grams, these clay chips have the same look and feel as casino chips. Your designs are printed directly onto the chip for longevity so your guests can cherish these for life! Great as wedding favours, stag party gifts or for poker tournaments…

These are cool


Wow , really!
Now were moving!
Im going to edit the topic just a little.
Thanks for the inspiration Chris!!


No problems , I’ll leave it for others to chime in don’t want to bombard your topic hahhaa … found some funky crypto stuff …


This is really weird. I was thinking about this yesterday and also to use the Bitcoin logo and offcourse the ETN logo etc.


These chips are looking amazing. :grinning::+1:


This is awesome😊, thought about it. It costs a bit for a set though. The club got premium clay logo chips.
Lot of cool stuff. Nice thread😎


PORTFOLIO hard copy!


Wonderful… 20drunk vikings


I just looked on Amazon.
Theres not really much availabe.
Couldnt find any “crypto dice!”


No dice , but had an idea

Electroneum the board game that ties into the app !!!
Comes with a qr code in the center of the board . You scan that with the app and then the mining game starts … on the app and the board game …
Omg … Lol

The goal is to beat all the other coins to the number one spot on the market .

Hey you could even earn etn playing the game. ( Right that’s my idea you heard it first hahhahaha )


Kickstarter campaign for a crypto board game

Looks fun


Hahaha, nice, trick with scams😄


Hahaahahah lol. Nice cards and chips :yum::yum::yum: