Gab Payment Processor Problems


Gab has had major problems with their payment processors. They recently stated that they have the community to reverse the bear market and have installed the BitPay server software on their own server.

This video discusses the whole issue, you can find it on YouTube, posted today:

Video by ‘The Cryptoverse’

“We Can Reverse The Crypto Bear Market” - Gab

Etn’s instant payment system is a far superior solution for them but one that they are, most probably, unaware of.

I would think that it was a good idea to contact them about their problems which are threatening their existence and which they have already realised cryptocurrency to be the solution to.


Yeah this is a big deal. Free Speech platforms like Gab are being attacked by left wing tech social platforms and payment systems. Electroneum can play its part in maintaining free speech as a means of payment against so called hate speech policies which restrict speech not acceptable by liberals and progressives. ETN is not just for the unbanked but for freedom of speech!!!