Future Tips For Electroneum

I have to give Some Future Tips For Electroneum
We have achieved a lot in this one year.

  • Having a successfull ICO
  • Launched Mobile Miner
  • Achieved over 2Million Users
  • Patent is pending
  • About to launch Instant Payment System
  • New Exchanges
    Etn Should go for the gaming industry, Like earlier they said, that would be a great game changer for our community.
    The gaming industry is very huge, so If we get involved in gaming industry, This will be one of the best used case for etn.
    If Etn Partner with famous games,
    ex- Currentry Trending like PUBG, Fortnite That will be awesome.
    Players have to clear levels to earn the ETN,
    You can also reward etn to the winners in the big gaming tournaments that will be huge success for etn i guess and that will be a great advertising for electroneum itself between billions of gamers from all over the world.
    That’s My opinion That Electroneum Should Think About This And Focus On Gaming industry Back.