Future speculation


The S&P lost a huge chunk and so did BTC
What is the likely outcome in short/long term?
Is recession probable or will the S&P climb back up?
Can BTC hold support at 6K?
What the are implications on crypto if a recession were to happen?


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It looks like it’s going to go down further :wink:


BTC forming a big bear flag so BTC price will drop more en short time. Long time is hard to say right now


Just time will teach us and show who will survive. Only strong projects will win. And ETN have great plan and good team and supportive community :slight_smile:


But was this really a natural breakdown for BTC, I mean it looked like it was about to break out bullish at first right?

Then stock market took a beating and so did the crypto space. Right now it’s fighting for survival at 6.200 but most indicators seems like it will go down. So what’s the next stop if so?

I’m not planning on selling a single ETN but it sucks that we have to dependent on BTC…


There was no clear indicators that BTC would go bull, BTC hade lowe high, but also no higher high that indicated a change in trend. When there’s blood in the market it is time to buy, 10$ to day can be 100 or 1000$ in the future so stay calm and accumulate some ETN while it still got a hug profitt lying ahead, and that is my opinion. There is also wurth mentioning that this is the situations that created BTC in the first place.


Yeah I get that, it just confuses me. Wouldn’t people want to find a different market if the S&P crashes? Maybe a deflationary market?


i can’t tell but my guess is there is some hodle mentality also in the stock exchanges and it takes time to move assets. The crypto market is also fore early adopters so only those that is forward thinking goes to cryptos, remember that cryptos is a high risk market that is not regulated and investors have limited experience with cryptos


Only a second FOMO for cryptos will raise price in that way. The only reason because BTC reached 20k was for that. All around the world, people started to buy and sell first days of '18.


The vast majority of the worlds money is in bonds. Hands down bonds are the king. When the people lose confidence in stocks they usually run to the bond market, US treasuries. When they lose confidence in the US bonds then a massive amount of money will flood into the USDindex, Gold, Silver, real estate, the DOW (top 15 US stocks) and hopefully crypto.

We are currently experiencing a bond/government debt crisis (rising US bond rates) all over the world. As US bond rates rise it destroys the emerging markets because they borrowed against their bonds in USD. As the USD becomes stronger it hurts them and as US interest rates rise it hurts too. The EU has destroyed the bond market in Europe by the ECB buying up EU countries debt, ie bonds. So there is no real bond market in Europe. Japans JCB said they bought 97% of the Japanese government bonds recently. They laughed about it… It’s over… There is only one bond market standing and it’s the US.

The bonds are the foundations of all markets and are the Titanic of investment instruments. It might get wild for a while and everything might lose value with a deflationary event occurring with a huge rise in the USD against other world currencies before a massive inflation.

The US will have to restructure the monetary system to get the USD away from being the reserve currency. The US government restructured the world monetary system twice in the last century so it’s not new, Bretten Woods conference and the Plaza accord. When the governments decide a big change is necessary, usually after the crisis, the new system will most likely be built around crypto.

So watch the interest rates on the bonds not just in the US but also in the emerging markets. Look into Turkey, Argentina, Venezuela, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal. Watch their interest rates go through the roof while they beg the US to lower their interest rates which are killing them. But the US has to raise interest rates to save their public pensions. It’s a catch 22 situation, save US public pensions and destroy the world economy or destroy US pensions and give emerging markets some breathing space.

I think the US will devalue the US dollar by 40% again like the Plaza accord and remove the USD as the world reserve currency. They will then create a new world reserve currency like the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) to peg all other currencies to which will free the US from being the world banker.

Just a hobby keeping up with global economics.