Future of Etn I buy at 0.17 cent please guide I worry

Any tell future of Etn please in two month or this month price more down or increase I worry I buy at 0.18 cent I big loss

I bought high and low. I’ve lately been accumulating downwards and waiting to make another big purchase if it falls around $0.0058 again. There is a great amount of support in numbers for this community based on electroneum’s vision and transparency. Our network has the potential to spread a lot quicker and become more exponential in the near future. Don’t worry about the price! If you believe in them, then save it. ^-^ We’re not trying to pump this coin out of trying to hype it up to reach the spotlight in the top rank where coins are only “assumed” to be good, even if there is really not all that big of a support for vision backing it. When we hit it big, we’ll hit it big. :wink:


You haven’t lost a thing until you sell. :wink:

If you believe in the project and understand the game plan and goals, you might want to consider buying more at a lower price to decrease your cost average per coin. This makes your perceived “loss” less and your potential to profit on a turn around much higher. You’d have many more coins to benefit from.

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Electroneum is a project that is not focusing on quick gains lol. This is why they forked from Monero versus another ERC20, secured the network and through trial and error continue to become better, as we all should.


Thanks brother for reply

Everyone that holds ETN is currently at a loss. In my opinion anything lower than 100sats is an insane discount. Yes we could go to around 60 sat even and technically it looks like it. But if you believe in the project and long term vision this time is perfect to buy since you get a more than 90% discount on the price. Which in turn means, if everything works out at least a 1000% gain over the long run. It’s funny how people fail to see that and tend to only fud when the price is super low and be super hyped when the price is really high. The opposite is what can bring you great profits :slight_smile:


even at 40 sats the asic miners are still in profit. Think in terms of supply and demand. Currently the supply outweighs the demand. But when we get into the 10s of millions of regular users… the demand will outweigh the supply.

I agree. I think that puts this into better perspective. Quick gains means the rocket has already left. A rocket would have been great, but I like slow gains too so one can always invest over the years, or have more time to accumulate.

Don’t panic about the price, I bought the first time at 20 cents… but I kept buying more one more as the price was dropping… and I never felt any kind of regrets when I was buying…
I did a lot of bad investments in my life but ETN and I don’t know why is my only investment than I am not afraid that I will lose…
just be patient…:smirk:

Scoop it up on the dip. From today’s prices to $0.20 the all time high is $0.21 USD $500 USD investment at today’s prices $0.006 USD will be worth about $16,666.00 USD when it goes back to $0.20 USD.

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I think profit at that price can bi around 16 000 - 17 000$.
But that is not bad too :smiley:

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Patience my friend. You invested in a great project. It just so happens that the price got ahead of itself, as happened with most alts.

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Thanks for reply me this issue