Fun Poll: Will you still trade on Cryptopia?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Undecided

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Thing about evolution is we learn by our mistakes.
If you never make mistakes, well, you never learn.

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Evolution? Some people never learn from their mistakes and make them over and over and over…



True that is…I think they deserve a chance to operate again without scrutiny.
They seem to be doing the right thing.



no. It’s a no-brainer. I use liquid now and whilst yes it’s slow to withdraw it’s nice knowing it’s all cold storage.



Yes that is my feeling that they will lose a lot to Liquid (which kinda took its place) and of course Kucoin.



If Electroneum hadn’t been the victim of a DDoS attack right from the get go, they may not have become so security conscious or made their partnership with Hacker One.
To me it just depends on how the Cryptopia team addresses the issue, and this will become more clear going forward.



Cryptopia has yet to elaborate on what happened, how it happened and (most importantly) what they are doing to prevent it from happenong again.

Until I see information explaining all that, I won’t touch that exchange with a 10 foot pole. From my perspective, they got hacked. The servers got takwn for a while. They never figured out what happened so the police gave them back their servers because they had no leads and now they are going to reopen with no corrective action.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.



I only held a small amount of ETN on Cryptopia, if it’s still there, I will continue using them as one of my exchanges.



Not now.
For many reasons.
First I don’t have more money to invest but mainly because they lost the public trust for now.
Yeah, you can learn from your mistakes but I’ll leave the other people trying the new website to see what happen.
I reckon they faculty to embrace new coins in the hour they realeased. It was like a lab to me. Good memories.



Agreed … moved on to better exchanges since the hack

Edit ro add…

I wouldnt want to see it go away though. Good exchange



I enjoyed using cryptopia. I was always in and out so never got stuck in any the auditing periods etc. Had an overall decent experience with it. Didn’t have anything on during the hack, but that’s enough for me to say I’ll stick with Kucoin who have a much better interface and trading view charts.



Well closed the poll. Outcome seems reasonable. Of course what people say and do are two different things. See what happens but we now seem to have 4 to 6 exchanges with ‘decent’ turnover now not just 2. :slight_smile: thanks for participating!

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Thanks for creating the topic.
Its good to know how a wide variety of people feel… constuctively.
Although registered with cryptopia I never used it.
Just happy it didnt turn into a Quadriga “affair”.

I agree.
Much better to see some volume across a few exchanges.

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