Fun bot (Lucky Number)

we’ll see…if we don’t climb above 300 sats in a few more days then were likely to drop below 260 sats again, if that happens then well also have the possibility to drop below 230 sats again…imho :sweat_smile:

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Anybody’s guess really. I’ve already reached my etn target hold goal so anything more is extra.

I know it’s selfish of me but I kinda hope it drops a little lower one more time

you have to consider also that nov. 5 is listing of ETN to Systemkoin if i’m not mistaken… plus that liquid pairings, so my best guess is we’re gonna stay a bit for this level… bears and bulls are being wary to each other

Yeah I can see my self pulling out at any moment as 280 is still a good price

Come and join guys… still 2 vacant numbers

@kaiser24 No.2 :slight_smile:

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click that confirm and pay @bbc49ba717e6b685429d :wink::blush:
it should look like this if there is incoming payment… i’ll add your name on the list once i see that instant payment notification :wink:

@kaiser24 10 etn sent… :slight_smile:

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i’ll add you to the list @bbc49ba717e6b685429d :wink:

is it okay for you guys @bbc49ba717e6b685429d @GameChanger
@Nascimento @Jokke @RSKNOR
if i join so that we can roll now?
only 1 spot left

@kaiser24 …YES :smiley::grinning:

@kaiser24 no.3 sending now

we already have no. 3 @Saint_Crypto
no. 1 is the only available

Ok take 1 then :slight_smile: bla

I will now Roll the dice for ROUND 1
GOOD LUCK to all :grin:

@ETNbot roll 1d6
ROUND 1 for 50 ETN lucky hit @Saint_Crypto
@bbc49ba717e6b685429d @GameChanger @Nascimento @Jokke @RSKNOR

:game_die: 6

CONGRATS :blush:
PM me your wallet Address

Guys i’ll Increase the TICKET PRICE for 20 ETN

The winner will get 100 ETN