Full Size Electroneum Inspired Posters Available Now!


Built my first online store using Woocommerce and the Electroneum API. People have been contacting me all over social media and here of can I buy a poster for my store in my country? You can now get Electroneum inspired posters to download and print at michaelnmarsh.com

We will be adding more posters as time goes on. New langauges and “accepted here.”




My banner for Electroneum
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Awesome posters good work!


You have done a great job, i like


Theyre great posters…real eyecatchers
Simply informative♥


More posters coming soon!


Awesome, I love the bear and bull one very cool!!!


Thanks for sharing @951fee176ccd18ad82e4 ! These are great!


I just bought the poster of my country and paid with the instant payment system.
It’s crazy how easy it works. I’m so excited. :heart_eyes:
Thank you Electroneum Team!


Thank you CryptoAndi!


Electroneum Accepted Here posters are almost ready






We have the “Electroneum Accepted Here” full size posters in multiple languages.


More coming soon.


A couple of Electroneum Full size posters that are available in my store. We sell printable posters for Electroneum exclusively!



We have been getting so many orders over the past couple of days. This is a great thing for the community. Post your posters so people can see them in your country and get the awareness of Electroneum to potential new users of ETN. The flag posters I designed were made to be visual appealing and information. Also if anyone has not received the email confirmation in their email check your spam folder.
More Posters coming soon.


Great work! Love the posters. You might be interested in my thread-


Just made the Instant Checkout even easier on the website. For anyone that was trying to buy a poster and did not because of the checkout process we made it easier and faster. No need to sign up for the website membership any more. Also we added a few new things to the site to make the user experience even better!


Get your original series Country Flag ETN posters now, series two will be coming soon.


New Full Size ETN World Posters coming soon.


We have your country flag poster ETN style


I really like this design ! Very eye catching and to the point. Shows ease of payment with phone also . keep them coming your style is great !


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Now featuring The Graphic Flag Collection