Fugazi Optimism is justified ETN is in the right place at the right time!

Fugazi Optimism is justified

With all experts pointing to the next crash they all have one thing in common they all agree that it will be worse than the great depression of 1929. Stockmarket is poised to see a flight from equities into crypto and in particular ETN being one of the most practical and use case driven project.

Yup i agree @Izmo if it happens then the crypto’s who have the most use case in the market will rise up high because people want their money and holdings to be safe from crashing banks etc, etc and then they will turn to the crypto market and look at options there to not only hold but also most likely to gain something out of those holdings till the crash will be stabilized again :thinking:


So I don’t understand why the stock market crash will help aid the crypto market? Can you guys clue me in? What indicates that stock investors will come soaring into crypto?

because investors will be looking for somewhere to put their money to avoid losses - something that isn’t coupled to the dollar and where you might earn some profits - i.e. crypto.

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Many will have lost money before putting it into crypto. This hypothesis has yet to be proven. I think it vey unlikely ATM but maybe in a year once the market has matured and key players like ETN have delivered powerful new relatively independant financial systems.

Fugazi the guy who predicted $35 by March… lol


I like to follow this person he puts all the facts of a possible market crash that can happen together i don’t wanna spread any fud or anything but i like to watch it because there is a lot of it true about what he is saying everytime he uploads a video this is his latest one:

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Nope Debt will not cause the crash. USA economy will remain bullish for years to come. Some other parts of the world will feel a lot of pain tho.

in one video before this one he said that it will atleast take still 3 years before it might hit US a bit :thinking:

Yeah I did another post on why it won’t IMO. Don’t get me wrong stock markets have corrections (and the US will have some) but I don’t foresee a crash. There are a lot of drivers supporting 5-10 years of robust growth in the USA. Anew economic era so to speak.

where are you getting all this self appointed non referenced jibberish , it clearly seems to be coming from your own thoughts nothing to do with reality and whats going on in the real world of finance and economics. What are these drivers your specifically talking about ? Fiat currency is close to its death roes let alone 10/15yrs , its stuff like this that people just lap up without researching into it. We have had a zero rate interest rate environment and in some cases negative interest rates in order to service the eye watering debt burden that the country has leveraged over such a short space of time namely to Obamas disastrous financial policies. We have a over blown bubble in the student loans sector as well as automotive including the morgage sector once again. This isnt going to end well its not enough to stick your head in the sand and hope the government will clean up the mess , they actually have run out of economic tools to bail us out this time. This time we will have to rename the great depression of 1929 and 2008 as small footnotes as whats developing has all the hall marks of a systemic implosion and complete paradigm shift to a new reality especially as we are going cashless.

To think otherwise is being naive

Maybe he didn’t specify the year.

I said I have already posted on that. Might want to carefully read what I said. A lot of what you have said is not true but you are welcome to your opinion and people have been saying that for years, except for the Obama comment which is true.


  • US household debt of $13.3 trillion now exceeds the 2008 peak. That’s due in part to mortgage lending, which is hovering near its decade-ago level of $9 trillion-plus.

  • Student loans outstanding have skyrocketed from $611 billion in 2008 to around $1.5 trillion today.

  • Auto loans, at nearly $1.25 trillion, have exceeded the 2008 total, while credit card balances are just as high now as before the Great Recession.

  • Meanwhile, global debt — a result of central bankers flooding economies with cheap money to lift them out of a funk — is now $247 trillion, up from $177 trillion in 2008. That is close to 2½ times the size of the global economy.

I deny these "facts".

i thought so with no evidence typical , no credibility !

your big on making grand statements and denying facts and batting them away with just one liners but when held to account for your statements , you have nothing !!


Well You dared me to deny them. So I did. :slight_smile:

You haven’t said anything that will collapse the stock markets or economy. You just focus on debt and accordingly aligned yourself to these scary videos.


we are due a correction.

and in the longer term this planet will have given up all the rescourses it can and then it’ll definitely crash.

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Yes agree corrections are part of the game.