Fugazi is back!

Fugazi lives forever in the hearts of the strong! :muscle:

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Yay fugazi Welcome back! He is most definitely someone talked a lot about by the community :yum:



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FUGAZI… MA MAN!! Great to have you back!!

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He’s just another investor/speculator, stop putting so much emphasis on him. There are plenty more other people to pay attention to.

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I completely agree with @Aironeous

I think this fugazi guy is a bit of an Electroneum hanger on, in that he appears when things are going good, but his focus is veiled behind ETN.

I personally think his commentary is much more about advertising himself to the large ETN community - attention seeking basically.

His most recent video, 2m40s was 40 seconds of opening noise and the rest just him showing off the beach behind him. You can see he had run out of Electroneum comments after about 20 seconds. NO MESSAGE / NOTHING PLANNED.

Fugazi just needs an on the spot fix of “attention seeking” and he drew in a lot of naive people early on with outrageous price predictions (which are fun sometimes) but no showing his workings like for example Minting Coins does in his much better thought out and intelligently produced videos.

Learn to critically judge who has insightful positive impact for ETN (community and company) and who is just a narcissist looking for a large pre-assembled audience, with a desire to sate his ego.