Fudders take Richard Ells and ETNs Transparency for granted , Just listen to the horror story thats emerging from Vechain

What those who are negative towards ETN fail to realize is how transparent the whole project has been from its inception at ICO, Richard Ells has from day one allowed himself to be interviewed and gracefully allowed anyone to visit his offices and ask questions on behalf of the community. This type of interaction only increases confidence and value in the project.

Just take a look at this horror story from one investor who has only encountered being blocked ridiculed and attacked just for wanting to ask the CEO of Vechain and their team simple questions of transparency regarding the project the same type of questions Richard has been most open and willing to answer, It seems that as time moves forward many of the hyped projects were just that hype and its emerging that they never had anything fundamental behind their claims hence the blocking and attacking of anyone who chose to ask legitimate questions regarding the claims they made which are increasingly looking like false information.

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Thank you for sharing @Izmo.

Sadly, it does not stop on VeChain, there are more, lots of more. We are all very fortunate to have Richard Ells as the CEO, Chris Gorman as the Director and the rest of the team working hard and around the clock to ensure the success of the Electroneum.

For all new Electroneum members, I recommend that you read this article, you will know everything there is to know about Richard Ells.



No problem my friend ,

Its practically criminal how many of the top youtubers have quietly overlooked ETN and its achivements which have overshadowed the achivements of the projects and coins they follow , it seems as if there are true vested interests by these Youtubers to shill their own projects. But the sad truth is they are all walking into a dead end and not opening their eyes to an oppertunity due to their ego filled elitism. While they are busy attending crypto conferances ( talk shops ) that amount to nothing and feeling really smug about meeting certain crypto personalities. At the end of the day these things amount to nothing when ETN is actually actionining all that these so called pros are talking about right under their noses.

and yes 90% are going to die out , ETN has just made people belive in its future with the moves its making with KYC and Fiat pairings , its leading the charge for mass adoption like no other projects out there

Its really leading up to a big suprise for them and a big huge smile on our faces soon


Some of us had the incite to research who’s company we were investing in and do the background on the team, in order to make an informed decision.

It’s common for people who gamble with fortune to make uninformed investment choices.


Candour and Electroneum.
Thankyou for the article, as was said plenty other shady operators out there.
Just love the transparency of Electroneum ,
Keep up the hard work Richard and the team.
I believe we all as investors appreciate your candour.


Being involved from I.C.O. there were some major delays that were disappointing to say the least. Richard and the team were forthcoming and always transparent in what they were doing about it. Some people left some stayed. I stayed because I appreciated the effort he made. It can not be an easy thing to tell people something is not where it needs to be. Then to have a plan to get it fixed and to execute that plan. In my books people can say whatever the heck they want. It is their actions I am watching and paying attention to. Richard is enthusiastic about this as much if not more than his team. He kept me as an investor because I felt like I was being involved (via updates, emails, etc) My mother always said you can not always judge a book by it’s cover and too many people were too quick to judge Richard and the team in the early days, and left early. They will be very sad for that massive erroneous decision. These were also probably the same type of people that bought Bitcoin for a buck and sold it for two. Stay the course people, take the slow with the fast, the good with the bad. WE are in GOOD hands and our time will soon be upon us!!! IF you feel FUD coming on send me a note and I will fix that for you quick :slight_smile:

Great article as @Pahini said we appreciate the candour!!!