FUD Part 2: Electroneum (ETN) is just a well executed marketing campaign, low chances of it succeeding



Lul. In his opinion etn team are clueless bunch of fu**s who have no idea what they want from the project. Ok
“CaptainAltcoin 2018”.
There are some points who are right tho, like mobile miner, forks, failed promisses and censorship.


Ayy lmao. The guys do not like electroneum at all nor any other alts but eth,xrp,ltc,eos.
They have a lot of shit ton of fud articles so no wonder why.


There is n o perfect coin out there…All have some sort of FUD…


The ETN team did state early in the mobile miner release that it was a mining like experience but not actually mining at all. That is called transparency. They wanted people to earn without requiring massive amounts of technical skill to do it. They also wanted it to be easy so word of mouth would engage others to use the app thereby giving it real world usage. (spreading the word of ETN) I for one applaud them for that.

As all things take time for scalability to come into focus, in particular it was apparent that ETN had challenges that they had to overcome. this happens when any company grows and is first to meet many objectives. I strongly dislike the article as he makes it appear that any time invested in this is most likely wasted. I will laugh my ass off when this coin is making us all a lot of money and his comments will be so off the mark he will need to move to the moon. Yes the very moon we will rocket past, where no one will bother him, because he will be so far behind us he will think he is in first place. Thumbs down on that review, now I want our coin to succeed just to spite this asshat!